Hollywood: Taylor Swift

Article: No other singer like her in history… the world is under a ‘Taylor Swift Craze’

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Source: E-Daily via Naver

[+568, -142] Yeah, I don’t know… I never thought her music was so shockingly good or anything to own a generation like this. Her marketing’s amazing for sure but I do feel like the fact that she’s a white woman plays a lot into her appeal.

[+277, -23] I don’t know any of her songs…

[+312, -95] I mean, we’re satisfied with our K-Pop music so we don’t explore beyond that, but Taylor Swift is definitely a world star… her music sales alone are numbers where she’s making money even while taking a crap… Thinking that she’s nothing special because you don’t nkow her songs is really embarrassing just proves that you live in a pond and have never explored the sea beyond you. Broaden your horizon. Taylor Swift has a lot of songs with poetic lyrics.

[+147, -4] I’m aware of her dating scandals, that she’s tall, and that she’s popular, but none of her songs… I’ve only ever heard of her through the news.

[+111, -11] Remember when she got on the subway in Korea and no one recognized her ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

[+28, -4] I just don’t know any of her songs. I guess I’ll have to listen to see how she’s being compared to the likes of Michael Jackson and Elvis. Seems a bit overblown.

[+26, -3] She keeps being called this great artist but I don’t remember any of her songs. I mean, shouldn’t a singer of such a title mean that at least one of her songs is memorable in everyone’s mind? I can list you plenty of songs off the top of my head by Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, etc (and of course the legends like Beatles, Bob Dylan, Elton John)… so yeah, I just took a listen to all her highest ranking songs on the billboard and as someone who is not American, they’re not resonating with me.

[+22, -1] The only singer who will never once be repeated in history is Michael Jackson for me……..

[+15, -1] It’d be nice if I could even remember one song by her

[+17, -4] Just seems like another phenomenon of another white woman getting all the support and Americans going crazy over it. She’s dominating the entire music industry? Yeah, sure. Maybe just the US. She’s amazing in the US, I don’t doubt that, but all over the world? ㅋㅋ That sounds so US supremacist.

[+13, -1] Her singing skills may not be the best of the best but she’s an amazing singer songwriter and puts out high quality albums. She’s unimaginably rich, works really hard on her career, puts out albums often, and you can feel how genuinely she’s in love with her craft. The reason she’s not popular in Korea is because her singing skills aren’t exceptional and her songs are country in genre, which Koreans don’t really enjoy. Also, officially, she’s never had a concert here.

[+9, -1] I always found it odd how little popularity she has in Korea… 😮

[+7, -0] She’s definitely one of the top female soloists of our generation (some foreign media even think she’s surpassed Beyonce), but yeah, she’s barely popular over here in Korea;; the majority probably have never even heard of her name. I do find her quite a talented singer songwriter, though.