Hong Kong influencer Ling Cheng shares her own experience at Burning Sun

Article: Hong Kong influencer Ling Cheng makes shocking confession, “I also lost consciousness after drinking at Burning Sun”

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Source: SpoTV News via Nate

[+155, -1] This whole thing needs to be re-investigated

[+94, -0] An embarrassment to the country. We need a more thorough investigation into this.

[+39, -0] All s*x criminals need to be c*strated

[+27, -0] Can we please just sentence everyone involved with Burning Sun with the death penalty?

[+9, -0] Had they tried this in the US, they’d be rotting in jail forever by now. The fact that they’re all out and drinking in clubs every night now is sickening ㅋㅋ we are no country ㅋ

[+6, -0] Can it still be reported to the authorities, albeit late?

[+3, -0] An international embarrassment

[+2, -0] They got off so easy compared to the magnitude of their crimes

[+1, -1] While I’m curious to know just how far Burning Sun went, I don’t know that I’d want anyone to risk their lives to expose it all