Hong Kong Star Recalls Passing Out at Seungri’s Burning Sun Club After One Drink

A famous Hong Kong star recounted her terrifying experience at Seungri’s nightclub, Burning Sun.

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Following the BBC documentary, which sheds new light on the 2018-2019 Burning Sun scandal, renowned Hong Kong influencer Cheng Jinling is drawing attention after recently confessing to having been a victim of a “date-rape drug” incident at the Burning Sun club.



The recent release of the BBC documentary, “Burning Sun: Exposing the secret K-pop char groups,” has reignited interest in the Burning Sun scandal The documentary graphically details the sexual crimes of once beloved individuals known as members of Burning Sun, including singer-actor Jung Joon Young, former BIGBANG member Seungri, and former F.T. Island member Choi Jong Hoon.

On May 22, 2024, Cheng Jinling shared several photos on social media from her visit to the Burning Sun Club six years ago in 2018, revealing the distressing experience she endured during her time clubbing at the used-to-be popular nightclub.

Cheng explained, “I went to Burning Sun nightclub with my ex-boyfriend and lost consciousness after having a drink.” The starlet began to disclose the circumstances she faced at the time.

She visited the club in 2018 because a female friend’s ex-boyfriend was Seungri’s business partner in Hong Kong. She recalled the club being packed the night, with Seungri performing as a DJ. She recalled many people wearing black sunglasses and sucking on pacifiers.

Hong Kong Star Recalls Passing Out at Seungri's Burning Sun Club After One Drink
Hong Kong Star Recalls Passing Out at Seungri’s Burning Sun Club After One Drink
(Photo : News1)

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Cheng later learned the pacifiers were to hide the effects of drug use, such as tongue biting and wide-eyed gazes.

Cheng confessed that she felt terrified after blacking out from just two glasses of champagne from the bar. Despite not consuming much alcohol, she became abnormally drunk quickly.

Fortunately, her friends and ex-boyfriend realized something was wrong. They immediately her out of the club and reported the incident to the police. Looking back on that time, she mentioned it was likely her drink was spiked with a drug, but thankfully, she did not suffer further harm.

Cheng revealed why she chose to reveal this incident now, stating she wanted to raise public awareness through her experience.

This news came out after rumors of Seungri opening a nightclub in Hong Kong went viral. Those rumors have since been debunked by the official Hong Kong government.

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