‘Hospital Playlist’ Season 3 in the Works? PD Shin Won Ho Drops Update: ‘That’s What the Fans Want’

Following two successful seasons, viewers are still looking forward to the much-awaited “Hospital Playlist” season 3. Interestingly, PD Shin Won Ho hints at the update regarding the medical K-drama.

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A heartwarming reunion was featured in a YouTube video titled “Chattering with Nah,” attended by the “Hospital Playlist” cast, a.k.a. the 99ers Jo Jung Suk, Jeon Mi Do, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, and Kim Dae Myung.

The group bonded over some nice meals and drinks as they talked about life updates and experiences during the show.

Interestingly, one of the highlights of the video is about the production of “Hospital Playlist” season 3.

(Photo : tvN official Instagram)

Did PD Shin Won Ho Hints at ‘Hospital Playlist’ Season 3?

In the video, Jung Kyung Ho randomly mentioned that the PD is “preparing another season of [Hospital Playlist].”

Initially, Shin Won Ho wanted to keep tight-lipped about the update, but the actor maintained the topic, sparking excitement in the group.

Yoo Yoon Seok and Jeon Mi Do also expressed their desire for the third installment.

Due to this, the PD caved in and revealed his plans for the series.

“I’ll work on it someday,” he said, as obtained by a media outlet, surprising the cast and leaving Jeon Mi Do and Kim Dae Myung with the best reactions.

‘Hospital Playlist 3’: What Would Be the Premises of the Upcoming Season?

As the group talked about the possibility of season 3, Jo Jung Suk expressed his thoughts and believes that viewers are looking forward to the growth and changes of the characters.

Hospital Playlist 2
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

“I think we will still feel the same way as we grow older. I think people will also be curious about how these characters age.”

On the other hand, PD Shin Won Ho mentioned that if the cast wanted to have season 3, they all had to be available and would not push through if one person couldn’t join the third season.

“Fans want to show how Ik Joon, Song Hwa, Jun Hwan, Jung Won, and Seok Hyung live,” he said, referring to the main characters, adding, “If your schedules are okay, let’s do it. If one of you doesn’t show up, we won’t do it.”

Following the update, fans expressed their excitement and couldn’t wait for the upcoming season.

In addition, viewers were also delighted that, other than the fans, the cast also wanted to return to the show’s third season.

First released in 2020, “Hospital Playlist” season 1 immediately garnered the attention of viewers, showcasing heartwarming and endearing stories of the characters.

In addition, fans were also drawn to the chemistry of the actors.

After a year, TVN released “Hospital Playlist ” season 2 with the majority of the actors reprising their roles.

While season 3 is yet to be confirmed, the network will release a spin-off, “Resident Playbook,” featuring a new cast including Go Yoon Jung, Shin Shi Ah, and more.