How BabyMonster Became the ‘Live Performance Masters’

YG’s rookie group, BabyMonster, perfectly fits the description of ‘monster rookies.’ While the fact that they were produced by YG and are the sibling group to BLACKPINK certainly generated anticipation, above all, they have proven themselves as ‘monster rookies’ through their talent. They immediately captivated a global fandom with their skills upon debut. Amidst the criticism of some idols’ unstable performances, BabyMonster has solidified their reputation as the ‘5th generation rising stars’ by gaining recognition for their abilities.

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BabyMonster was first introduced last year and officially debuted in April with their first mini-album, ‘BABYMONS7ER.’ Even before their debut, they attracted the attention of K-pop fans worldwide, not just domestically, due to their status as YG’s new group and BLACKPINK’s sister group.

Although such attention could have been burdensome, BabyMonster stood out from the beginning. YG showcased the members’ charms through their debut reality show and relied on their skills to shine on the main stage. They emphasized that the group was not gaining attention merely for being BLACKPINK’s sibling group but for their robust talents. The group’s explosive potential was evident, given their star quality, vocal, rap, and performance skills.

The emergence of such a talented rookie was welcomed by K-pop fans. During their debut promotions, BabyMonster received praise for their ‘beyond rookie level’ abilities in music shows and continued to rise with each stage performance. Their YouTube channel’s ‘It’s Live’ content also received explosive reactions. Their attractive vocal tones, powerful singing, and intense rapping were seen as the perfect combination, earning them new nicknames like ‘Live Master’ and ‘Live Legend’ instead of just ‘BLACKPINK’s sibling group.’


One of the most talked-about aspects of BabyMonster’s debut was their use of handheld microphones. They not only performed flawlessly with handheld mics but also delivered stable vocals and raps. Their impressive high notes, impactful raps, and overwhelming stage presence, despite being rookies, were enough to draw admiration. The use of handheld mics itself demonstrated their confidence in their skills, showcasing BabyMonster as a fully prepared rookie group.

Thus, fans often remark that every member of BabyMonster could be considered the main vocalist, main rapper, and main dancer. While most idol groups designate a single main position for each role, BabyMonster’s members are so skilled that they are all seen as main vocalists, rappers, and dancers. This evaluation is even more meaningful as BabyMonster has proven it through their performances.