HOW Concept Film: BOYNEXTDOOR Exudes Youthful Charm with School’s Familiar Corridors

BOYNEXTDOOR members exude youthful charm and excitement in their latest teaser, the HOW Concept Film, offering a tantalizing glimpse into what awaits with their April comeback. Shared across their official Twitter and Instagram pages, as well as on Hybe Labels’ YouTube channel, the concept film trailer sets the stage for an eagerly anticipated return from the South Korean music sensation.

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Previously, the first teaser was unveiled, showcasing the puppet. Subsequently, on Instagram, individual sneak peeks were shared for each of the six members – Sungho, Riwoo, Jaehyun, Taesan, Leehan, and Woonhak. These sneak peeks provided fans with a glimpse of their favourite artists, each accompanied by their respective puppets, all of which were also collectively featured in the overall concept film visual.

HOW Concept Film: BOYNEXTDOOR Exudes Youthful Charm with School's Familiar Corridors

The HOW Concept Film: Earth ver. unfolds a captivating vignette of adolescent camaraderie amidst the school’s familiar corridors. Clad in their crisp uniforms, a group of boys linger beyond the final bell, weaving their own narrative of youthful rebellion and friendship. Jaehyun’s playful antics with a ball set the tone for their escapade, while each member of the ensemble is spotlighted, revealing a kaleidoscope of personalities and interests. From the skateboard aficionado to the bookworm lost in literary reverie, and the graffiti artist leaving their mark on the school walls, each individual contributes a unique hue to the vibrant canvas of school life.

HOW Concept Film: BOYNEXTDOOR Exudes Youthful Charm with School's Familiar CorridorsHOW Concept Film: BOYNEXTDOOR Exudes Youthful Charm with School's Familiar Corridors

Amidst the exuberance, a subtle undercurrent of symbolism emerges, embodied by a solitary figure cradling a bottle. These vessels, diverse in their contents and significance, serve as poignant reflections of the multifaceted student body. From the effervescent optimism encapsulated in one bottle to the weight of unspoken struggles in another, they mirror the rich tapestry of experiences woven within the school’s halls. This tableau of unity amidst diversity poignantly captures the essence of youthful camaraderie and the myriad facets of the student journey.

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YouTube videoYouTube video

The upcoming 2nd EP will be dropping on April 15, 2024, at 6PM KST. Meanwhile, check out BOYNEXTDOOR’s songs on Spotify!

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