How is the Transformation of Tanya in “Arthdal Chronicles 2”? 

Shin Se Kyung has taken on the role of Tanya, the central figure in “Arthdal Chronicles”, filling the shoes of Kim Ji Won.

On September 9th, in the first episode of tvN’s new weekend drama “Arthdal Chronicles: Sword of Aramoon,” Shin Se Kyung made her debut as Tanya, the central figure in Aramoon, who earns the reverence of the people and strives forward to achieve her goals.

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shin se kyung

In this episode, Shin Se Kyung, regardless of social status or background, she focuses solely on the essence of being human: “If our hearts are the same, we are all descendants of Asa Shin,” making viewers feel her values. In contrast to her wise and dignified portrayal as the central figure, Shin Se Kyung’s Tanya reveals her human side. 

Towards the end of the episode, Shin Se Kyung nearly loses her composure amidst the chaotic emotions of the soldiers and the people as they prepare for war at the gates of Aramoon. However, she soon regains her unwavering presence and wishes Eunsom (Lee Jun Ki) and the soldiers well. Her heartfelt plea to save Eunsom also conveys sincere emotions.

In this way, Shin Se Kyung’s Tanya captivates viewers’ attention with her pure and mysterious image in her first appearance. Tanya’s inner strength, independence, and determination adds a new dimension to her charm.

shin se kyung

Despite her outward strength, she shows surprise and sadness upon learning of Eunsom’s fate. She empathizes with and comforts the unfortunate people, showcasing a range of emotions that heighten the drama’s immersion. 

While at the center of power as the central figure, Tanya’s journey to obtain the world she desires and how she navigates it in the future piques curiosity.

In the first season of “Arthdal Chronicles,” Song Joong Ki played Eunsom, while Kim Ji Won portrayed Tanya. Many actors from Season 1, including Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won, did not join Season 2, “Arthdal Chronicles: Sword of Aramoon.” In Season 2, the roles of Eunsom and Tanya are portrayed by Lee Jun Ki and Shin Se Kyung, respectively.

Source: Daum.