Hwang Bo Ra reveals video call moment with Kim Min Jae, who enlisted today (Sep 18th)

Actress Hwang Bo Ra revealed the moment of the video call with Kim Min Jae

On Sep 18th, Hwang Bo Ra shared a photo with the public with the caption “Oh, our Min Jae made a KakaoTalk video call to tell me that today is his enlistment day“.

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The photo captured the moment of the video call between Kim Min Jae and Hwang Bo Ra. Kim Min Jae, who shaved his head, was smiling embarrassedly. Hwang Bo Ra wrote with affection, “Seeing his head, I feel like I’m sending my own brother off. I met him through a work, and he’s a younger brother whom I love and care about. He’ll be discharged in March, 2025. Let’s sweep Korean movies once you return. I love you. Good luck.

Kim Min Jae and Hwang Bo Ra worked together in KBS 2TV’s 2021 drama “Dali & Cocky Prince”. Kim Min Jae played the role of director Jin Moo Hak, while Hwang Bo Ra played the role of Jin Moo Hak’s secretary Yeo Mi Ri.

Hwang Bo Ra

On this day, Kim Min Jae’s agency, YAMYAM Entertainment, announced the news of Kim Min Jae’s military enlistment. According to the agency, Kim Min Jae is scheduled to complete basic military training after entering the recruit training center and will then serve in the Army Band.

When the news of his military enlistment was announced, Kim Min Jae posted a message to his fans on his fan cafe that reads, “I want to tell you this directly. Many of you may have been curious, but on September 18th, I’m going to enlist in the military to fulfill my duty to protect the country.”

Kim Min Jae confessed to his fans, “I will be serving in the Army Band. Although I feel very sad and regretful about not being able to see you for a while, I am excited and grateful because I believe I can experience and learn more through military life.” He added, “I will not forget your precious concerns. I will return as a stronger and better person to repay your love as actor Kim Min Jae.

kim min jae

On the day of his enlistment, Kim Min Jae greeted his fans, “I will take care of my health and return safely!

Kim Min Jae debuted in 2014 and this year marks his 10th debut anniversary.

He has solidified his position as an actor by appearing in numerous works such as “My Little Baby”, “Hit the Top”, “Tempted”, “Do You Like Brahms?”, “Dali & Cocky Prince” and “Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist”. Above all, he received great love from viewers thanks to the role of Park Eun Tak in the “Dr. Romantic” series.

He won “New Star Award” (Dr. Romantic) and “Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Fantasy/Romance Drama” (Do You Like Brahms?) at SBS Drama Awards, as well as “Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries” (Dali & Cocky Prince) at KBS Drama Awards.

Kim Min Jae

He received Best Couple Award (with Park Eun Bin (31)) at SBS Drama Awards through “Do You Like Brahms?” and Best Couple Award (with Park Gyu Young (30)) at KBS Drama Awards through “Dali and the Cocky Prince”.

Source: Daum