Hwang Bora Shares Worries Over Acting Career: ‘I don’t want to disappear’

In 2022, Hwang Bora surprised the Hallyu scene when she announced her marriage with fellow actor Cha Hyun Woo.

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The actress has become a staple star in the acting industry, thanks to her sound acting prowess and ability to adapt to any genre she takes on.

In an interview, she dished on her life as a married woman and as an artist, and also reflected on her life as an upcoming mother. 

Hwang Bora Reflects On New Life As Working Mom

On February 12, a video entitled “The reason Hwang Bora can’t rest even when she’s pregnant” was uploaded online.

In the clip, Hwang Bora, who’s in her fifth month of pregnancy, dished on her life as a working mom in the acting industry.

Hwang Bo Ra
(Photo : Hwang Bo Ra Instagram)
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To recall, she married her long-time partner Cha Hyun Woo. She announced her pregnancy in November last year, surprising the public.

Although she’s pregnant, she doesn’t neglect her responsibilities as an actress. She continues to film her upcoming film “SAT, the Secret of the Question.”

“I’m so tired,” Hwang Bora said after completing her filming at 7:00 a.m. KST. “Filming always ends late. There’s also filming tomorrow and the day after it.”

Hwang Bo Ra and Kim Yong Gun
(Photo : Hwang Bo Ra Instagram)

Many fans worried over the actress’ condition. They wondered why Hwang Bora didn’t opt to stay at home, and focus on her pregnancy and upcoming childbirth.

In her defense, Cha Hyun Woo advised her to stay home but she insisted on continuing working. She reasoned, “I don’t want to disappear in the industry.”

According to Hwang Bora, she doesn’t want to have the “the actress that had a baby” image, which she claimed as an actress’ “most vulnerable point.”

Actresses Park Ha Sun, Kim Hee Sun and even Lee Honey experienced it firsthand. Thankfully, everyone was able to bounce back and reclaimed their spotlights.

She added that she can’t let go of her beloved job until the end. The actress assured that she’s handling both her pregnancy and her work well without compromising one another.

Hwang Bora also asked the fans to look forward to seeing her upcoming film, which is expected to air this 2024.

Hwang Bora Joins Lee Sun Bin, More In ‘SAT, the Secret of the Question’

At five months into pregnancy, Hwang Bora busies herself with her forthcoming film “SAT, the Secret of the Question.”

The film also stars popular K-drama stars Lee Sun Bin, Yoo Jae Myung, Kim Young Min and more, creating a star-studded masterpiece for the fans.

Hwang Bo Ra
(Photo : Hwang Bo Ra Instagram)

On the other hand, the film follows the story of a Korean language teacher who accidentally joins the 2nd level state secret, the college entrance examination committee.

“SAT, the Secret of the Question” focuses on the 40 days that she is sheltered in the camp with no one to talk to, and how she survives while keeping her sanity intact.

Lee Sun Bin
(Photo : Coupang Play | Spo TV News)

The film is in its final process of production, and it’s expected to be released some time this year so stay tuned for more updates.