Hwang Jae Kyun “It’s so fun to hang out with my wife Jiyeon these days”

Baseball player Hwang Jae Kyun and singer Jiyeon delighted fans with their lovey-dovey newlywed life.

On Sep 7th, Jiyeon posted a video titled “Hongdae Date” on her YouTube channel.

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The two, who went on a date wearing couple sneakers and hats, showed the daily life of a lovely married couple with a sweet appearance throughout.

Hwang Jaegyun jiyeon

In response to the heat wave warning, Jiyeon exclaimed, “This weather’s insane.” Hearing this, Hwang Jae Kyun said weakly, “Babe, I run around when it’s this hot out. Now you know why I look exhausted every day, right?

Jiyeon worried about Hwang Jae Kyun, “Good work. Every summer… you look so pitiful. You look way too exhausted when you come home. You have no energy left after coming home.” Hwang Jae Kyun said, “It’s even humid these days, so I can’t stop sweating. I sweat just by walking for a while.

Hwang Jaegyun jiyeon

Jiyeon worried that Hwang Jae Kyun might be tired, “Babe, you only have one day off in a week, right? How do you feel about spending that day off to go on a date with me? You sometimes just want to rest, right?

Hwang Jae Kyun reassured Jiyeon, “This is resting. You know that. I feel like I’m resting when I move around and do something like now. If I just stay at home, my body gets heavier, and it gets frustrating. I have to at least do something like walking. That’s why I bring you out every day.”

Hwang Jae Kyun laughed when he saw Jiyeon catching the falling camera, saying, “You really are the wife of a baseball player.

Hwang Jaegyun jiyeon

The two met acquaintances, had a meal, stopped by a flower cafe and went to 2 escape room cafes.

After the date, they arrived home and wrapped up the day by organizing today’s date schedule as well as taking a cold foot bath and warm foot bath prepared by Hwang Jae Kyun.

Hwang Jae Kyun showed his sweet side by confessing, “It’s so fun to hang out with you these days.” Throughout the date, he could not take his eyes off Jiyeon because she was lovely.

Source: Nate