Hwang Jung Eum Debuts Hair Transformation Ahead of Drama Comeback

After three long years, romantic comedy queen Hwang Jung Eum is taking on the challenge of the thriller genre with her comeback series “The Escape of the Seven.”

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She stuns the public ahead of her return with her surprising hair transformation. Check it out now.

Hwang Jung Eum Debuts Unique Hair Transformation

Hallyu star Hwang Jung Eum is finally back in the game as she makes her first ever drama in three years with “The Escape of the Seven.”

Hwang Jung Eum

(Photo : Hwang Jung Eum Instagram)

While she’s known for her romantic comedy dramas, the actress spices up prime time as she chooses to appear in the survival series.

A week before its release, Hwang Jung Eum stirs the Internet with her fresh new look in her latest Instagram update where she sports the polarizing “microbangs” trend.

Hwang Jung Eum Microbangs

(Photo : Hwang Jung Eum Instagram)

Hwang Jung Eum

(Photo : SBS Drama Official)
“Full House 2,” “She Was Pretty”

Microbangs, also known as baby bangs, are a huge trend among millennials and Gen Zs. They are categorized with super short bangs that are only an inch below the forehead.

Many stars like Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Tae Ri and Nana have also rocked the hairdo. However, Hwang Jung Eum isn’t new to crazy hairstyles herself.

Hwang Jung Eum Microbangs

(Photo : Hwang Jung Eum Instagram)

To recall, the actress donned an “ahjumma hair” or short permed locks in “Full House 2” in 2012. In her hit drama “She Was Pretty,” Hwang Jung Eum had a frizzy bob.

Netizens complimented the actress despite learning that they were only clip on bangs. Because the fringe made her look younger, the fans still flooded the photo with love.

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In the caption, Hwang Jung Eum says “Life is beautiful,” which raises the public’s excitement for her drama return.

Hwang Jung Eum To Play Combative CEO In New Drama

This September, Hwang Jung Eum transforms into an aggressive CEO of a production company in “The Escape of the Seven.”

Starring alongside fellow veterans Uhm Ki Joon, Lee Joon, Jo Jae Yoon and more, she will give life to Geum Ra Hee, a power-hungry figure who tries to reunite with her abandoned daughter.

7 Escape

(Photo : SBS )

“The Escape of the Seven” tells the excruciating punishments of seven individuals who allegedly took part in a crime involving a young girl.

It is an original SBS TV drama helmed by “The Penthouse: War in Life” and “The Last Empress” producers Kim Soon Ok and Jo Dong Min, which doubled the anticipation for the work.

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“The Escape of the Seven” airs for the first time on September 15. It will also be available for worldwide viewers on Viu.

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Elijah Mully.