Hwang Jung Eum’s Agency Apologizes to Individual Affected by Actress’ Instagram Meltdown

Hwang Jung Eum’s agency, Y1 Entertainment, expressed their apology, following the actress’ controversial Instagram post. 

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Hwang Jung Eum’s Agency Apologized to the Non-Celebrity Who Got Involved in the Actress’ Marital Woes

The “Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” star made headlines after posting a photo of the alleged mistress of her husband, Lee Young Don.

Following this, the label made an official statement, apologizing on behalf of Hwang Jung Eum, especially to “all those affected” by her now-deleted Instagram post.

Hwang Jung Eum
(Photo : Hwang Jung Eum Instagram)

Y1 Entertainment also acknowledged their responsibility for the actress, who is “deeply reflecting on the issue that occurred due to her carelessness.”

In addition, Hwang Jung Eum’s agency apologized to the individual who got involved and clarified that she has no personal connection to the actress, especially to her husband.

“The person in the post pointed out as an unfortunate opponent is another person who has nothing to do with Hwang Jung Eum’s spouse.”

In addition, the label asked the public to stop speculating and spreading malicious comments and messages regarding the individual’s identity.

“I would like to ask you to delete the second post, citing Hwang Jung Eum’s post, which included other people’s personal information.”

Prior to this, Hwang Jung Eum made headlines after the actress shared a controversial Instagram post and publicly called out a woman, whom she accused of having an affair with her husband.

Along with the photo of the woman, the actress called the individual “ugly” and lashed out with allegations.

Hwang Jung Eum Instagram Post
(Photo : Pannchoa)

“Can’t he just divorce me and go to Bangkok?

Will you please marry my husband? There is only one reason why I am posting this here. Young Don, who ran away from home, please divorce me before you go to Thailand.”

In her now-deleted Story, it also featured the woman’s caption, in which she thanked a certain Lee Young Don for the vacation treat.

After the post made a buzz online, the person involved denied any connection to the couple and said that he did not know Hwang Jung Eum’s husband, Lee Young Don, on a personal level.

In addition to this, the woman is demanding an apology from the actress and plans on taking legal action if she refuses.

Following the woman’s statement, Hwang Jung Eum took to Instagram and expressed her apology for the issue.

Hwang Jung Eum Apologizes After Sparking Controversy

Hwang Jung Eum
Hwang Jung Eum

In a lengthy statement, she said that it was a mistake, clarifying that the person in her previous post is not related to her husband.

“The individual who is currently suffering damage is unrelated to the incident and has never met my husband, and she is not an adulterous woman.”

Hwang Jung Eum married professional golfer-turned-steel tycoon Lee Young Don in 2016. The couple has two children, who they welcomed in 2017 and 2022.

Currently, the couple is in the process of divorce after the actress filed in February 2024.