Hwang Minhyun to Enlist in Military on THIS Date + PLEDIS Releases Official Statement

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Hwang Minhyun is confirmed to be enlisting according to a statement made by PLEDIS Entertainment.

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Hwang Minhyun’s Military Service Confirmed, PLEDIS Entertainment Reveals Enlistment Date

The details for Hwang Minhyun’s military enlistment have been announced.

Hwang Minhyun
(Photo : Instagram: @optimushwang)

On February 29, Korean news outlet Star News reported that Hwang Minhyun will be making his enlistment on March 21. The information was posted by PLEDIS Entertainment on the community platform Weverse.

According to sources, the soloist would soon begin his duty, and no official gathering would take place on his enlistment day. The agency followed up that visiting the site would be prohibited and that fans should send their support for Minhyun online instead.

Hwang Minhyun
(Photo : Instagram: @optimushwang)

Read the agency’s full statement:

“Hello. This is PLEDIS Entertainment.

We would like to inform everyone regarding the upcoming enlistment of Hwang Minhyun, who will be entering the military on March 21, 2024.

On the day of his enlistment, there will be no official event, and we kindly ask you to refrain from appearing at the entrance ceremony, as well as visiting the site of Hwang Minhyun’s alternative military service.

Instead, we encourage you to send your heartwarming and supportive messages for Hwang Minhyun through Weverse. Please kindly relay your best wishes for his safe and healthy return. We will stay committed to providing all our support for Hwang Minhyun during his service.

Thank you.”

Hwang Minhyun to Make Much-Awaited Comeback with ‘Lullaby’

In other news, Minhyun released the first concept photos for his upcoming digital single “Lullaby” on February 28.

On social media platform X (Twitter), the teaser images immediately caught the attention of fans, who were eager for the soloist’s comeback. Netters raved about the idol’s visuals, along with his charisma and the concept’s aesthetics.

While many were excited about Minhyun’s new music, some pointed out that his highly anticipated release would be his final gift to fans before enlisting in the military. In the post, “Lullaby” is scheduled for release on March 16, at 6 p.m. KST.

Read their reactions below:


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