Hwasa delivers current status following controversy over school uniform sexualization

Singer Hwasa delivered her current status following the controversy over school uniform sexualization.

On Sep 11th, Hwasa released a video with emoticons through her Instagram. The short video showed post-it notes with words that raise self-esteem to the fullest, such as “I’m a genius“. Hwasa, who was smiling brightly, was also seen for a moment.

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Hwasa did not express any position on the school uniform sexualization performance, which has recently emerged as an issue.

Hwasa delivers current status following controversy over school uniform sexualization

Earlier, the Sep 9th broadcast of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” showed Hwasa performing her solo comeback new song “I Love My Body” in a reformed school uniform.

Criticism was formed among netizens regarding Hwasa’s “school uniform bra top” style. Netizens left comments such as “Is it right to dance like that while wearing a school uniform?“, “Did she have to change to short clothes?“, “What is the idea of reforming school uniforms worn by minors like that?“…

Last May, Hwasa stood on the stage of Sungkyunkwan University’s festival to film tvN’s entertainment program “Dancing Queens on the Road”. She was embroiled in controversy over indecent performance as she showed sensational movements while performing her solo song “Don’t Give”. Hwasa suffered from malicious comments at that time. Recently, she confessed, “I’m pretty sure that was the loudest cry I’ve had all year. The tears were falling like a waterfall.

Hwasa performs on "Knowing Bros" wearing school uniform reformed like bikini

In particular, on Sep 10th, it was reported that Seoul Seongdong Police Station summoned Hwasa as a defendant at the end of last month and questioned her about the intention and background of her controversial performance.

Hwasa made a comeback with her single album “I Love My Body” on Sep 6th.

Source: Nate