Hwasa isn’t the first person to be accused of indecent acts “The levels of punishment for GD and The Couch?”

While Mamamoo Hwasa is embroiled in controversy over indecent performance, the similar incidents of G-Dragon and The Couch in the past are being re-examined.

On Sep 10th, it was revealed that Hwasa was recently investigated by the police as a defendant. Her agency P NATION officially confirmed that Hwasa underwent a police investigation and cooperated sincerely. The Seoul Seongdong Police Station summoned Hwasa as a defendant at the end of last month and questioned her about the intention and background of her controversial performance. The police are currently reviewing whether Hwasa’s actions should be subject to criminal prosecution.

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On May 12th, Hwasa stood on the stage of Sungkyunkwan University’s festival to film tvN’s entertainment program “Dancing Queens on the Road”. Hwasa was embroiled in controversy over indecent performance as she showed sensational movements while performing her solo song “Don’t Give”.

On June 22nd, Student Parents’ Human Rights Protection Solidarity filed a complaint against Hwasa, claiming, “Hwasa’s behavior is reminiscent of perverted sexual intercourse, which is enough to bring shame to the public who witnessed it. It cannot be interpreted as an artistic act because it does not fit the context of the choreography.” Hwasa has recently been questioned by the police.

Hwasa GD The Couch accused of indecent acts

In connection to this, there is growing interest in the penalties faced by G-Dragon and The Couch, who were previously charged with obscenity offenses.

In 2009, singer G-Dragon staged a scene during a concert that suggested a sexual act with a female dancer who was bound with chains on a bed. At that time, about 1,000 concertgoers argued that the performance did not cause sexual shame and even submitted petitions and signed documents in support of G-Dragon. Ultimately, the prosecution decided not to press charges, citing that the explicit depiction was brief and did not amount to obscenity.

In another incident, indie band The Couch appeared on MBC’s “Music Camp” in 2005, where member A and Spiky Brats’ member B completely undressed, including their underwear, during a live performance. They exposed their bodies explicitly while jumping around on stage, and this footage was broadcast for 7 seconds, leading to controversy.

Hwasa performs on "Knowing Bros" wearing school uniform reformed like bikini

Subsequently, they were prosecuted on charges of obscenity and obstruction of business. In September 2005, the Seoul Southern District Court sentenced A and B to 10 months and 8 months in prison, respectively, with a 2-year probation period.

The court determined that they had planned the nudity before the performance and also recognized the charge of obstruction of business. Although the individuals argued that they did not engage in explicit acts during the broadcast, the court maintained that obscenity does not require subjective excitement or satisfaction and that considering the exposed body parts and the location, it was sufficient to be classified as objective obscenity.

Source: Daum