HWASA Releases New Single ‘I Love My Body’

After two years since her last solo release, HWASA is back with her new single-album, I Love My Body. This also marks her first release since joining P NATION in June 2023, led by PSY, the K-pop artist behind viral hits “Gangnam Style,” “Gentlemen,” “DADDY,” and “That That.”

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(Photo : P NATION)

“It’s been a very long time. It seems like I cannot even remember what thoughts have been blocking me until now. One thing is certain, that I am truly happy and thankful.” – HWASA, on making a solo comeback after almost two years

The title track, “I Love My Body,” encourages listeners to embrace every part of themselves, both the beautiful and strange parts. It touches upon how critical society can be about physical appearances and how we are expected to meet those expectations in order to be considered “beautiful” in their eyes. The song, however, celebrates all ages and looks and wants everyone to love themselves for who they truly are. 

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