Hwasa under investigation by police under Criminal Act for “perverted p*rn” and obscene “s*x acts” in front of minors

ArticleHwasa, police investigation → ‘Complaint filed’, CEO, “She hasn’t reflected on herself”… Obscenity controversy [comprehensive]

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Source: Sports Chosun

Mamamoo Hwasa‘s “obscene performance” controversy is continuing.

Previously, Hwasa appeared at a university festival in May as part of the filming for a tvN program and performed a controversial stage where she licked her finger with her tongue and touched her private parts sparking obscenity controversy. 

Afterwards, the Student Parents’ Human Rights Protection Solidarity stated, “Hwasa’s actions are reminiscent of p*rverted sexual relations and are enough to arouse shame and disgust to the public who witnessed them. They do not fit the context of the choreography and cannot be interpreted as an act of art. She committed a crime of performing p*rnography.”

At the end of last month, Seongdong Police Station opened investigations into Hwasa for the obscene acts. Police summoned Hwasa and inquired about her “intent” and “purpose” of the performance. The agency handed over related materials into the controversy. Police are currently reviewing the materials to determine whether Hwasa’s actions are subject to criminal punishment. 

On the 11th, Shin Min-hyang, a representative of the Student and Parents Human Rights Protection Solidarity expressed her position through CBS RadioKim Hyun Jung’s News Show‘ and stated, “Hwasa sat with her legs spread out on both sides which doesn’t fit the context of the choreography at all. And then she licked her finger and wiped her private parts. This act is within the scope of the crime of public indecency under Article 245 of the Criminal Act. It’s true that this constitutes an obscene act. As Hwasa’s video spread rapidly, I also ended up seeing it against my will. I felt shame seeing her sex acts so if the average person in society also felt shame like me then many people would have also filed complaints for the pain too.”

“As the ‘Dance Singer Wandering Troupe‘ has become really popular, I saw that even elementary kids went to the performance hall and watched the performance so I filed the complaint. It’s said that she will be punished. In some ways, it can be said that Hwasa’s actions had a greater negative impact because they were seen by more unspecified members of the public.”

Regarding claims that it was an “overreaction,” she stated, “I believe that even if it’s a performance, it should be done according to the location and person. It shouldn’t be conducted like an unexpected act of terrorism in front of large number of unsuspecting people.”

Regarding Hwasa’s recent interview where she shed tears after hearing about the obscene controversy, she stated, “She hasn’t yet addressed why her actions were like that. Seeing her new song and how she’s dancing while wearing school uniform, it seems like she’s not holding herself back.”

The controversy mentioned by CEO Shin is from the 9th when Hwasa appeared on JTBCKnowing Brothers‘ and performed her new song ‘I Love My Body.’ She appeared wearing a school uniform and a cropped school shirt top. As a result, she was further embroiled in controversy for sexual commercialization of school uniforms. 

  1. [+6,783, -586] Ban her from ever coming out!
  2. [+3,717, -184] So f*cking dirty!!!
  3. [+3,393, -135] If you’re truly a singer you should be showing off your singing and dancing skills? Not trying to be an attention wh*re with obscene p*rn acts?!! It’s a university festival, not a room salon s*x parlor?!
  4. [+2,460, -80] She may think that was art but it looked like dirty p*rn to me.
  5. [+1,741, -344] Ugly
  6. [+675, -6] No matter how important freedom of expression is, you’re not a p*rn actress!! Why try to gain attention with dirty s*x acts like this? Did she think about what her family would be thinking seeing a dirty performance like that? No matter how open our society is, just imagine how she must be in private? Do this in your own privacy.. this is akin to pulling your pants down and urinating on the streets!! So is that ok now? Let’s become mindful rational people who can distinguish between freedom and dirty indulgence.
  7. [+686, -36] Kick her out!!! I’m sick of her and Park Na-rae! Make sure she can never come out anymore!!!
  8. [+653, -18] So annoying… scandal ridden Park Na-rae.. Hwasa.. I feel like PDs that keep letting them out are just lazy and have zero planning kills.. don’t let her crawl out!
  9. [+484, -8] How is this sexy.. it just looks dirty to me.
  10. [+457, -8] She put out a dirty obscene performance like that but ran to another program and pretended to be an innocent angel crying out in pain from the injustice! Then why did you do it? If you didn’t act so dirty like that no one would be saying anything.. she’s contracting herself.
  11. [+424, -4] It was honestly really bad.. so f*cking dirty! She licked her finger and touched her private parts with it.. is that something an idol and public figure should be doing?! The person that reported this did a great job, fighting!
  12. [+97, -2] What’s even worse is she really thinks she’s some s*x symbol ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

Additional source: Seoul Economy