Hwasa’s Provocative Gesture Amid Indecent Stage Controversy Sparks Debate

The controversy surrounding Hwasa’s controversial performance remains a burning issue, as the Seoul Seongdong Police Station recently summoned the singer, who had been sued in relation to her indecent stage.

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During a grueling three-hour session, Hwasa was questioned extensively. Prior to her summons, the police had diligently gathered information, interviewing the accuser and collecting video footage and evidence from sources, including tvN. Their objective was to ascertain whether the case warranted prosecution.  

The Provocative Performance

This controversy initially ignited in May when Hwasa took the stage at Sungkyunkwan University Festival, part of tvN’s program “Dancing Queens on the Road.” Her provocative gesture during the performance stirred public outcry and debate.


(Photo : https://v.daum.net/v/20230915080901882)

The situation escalated when the Parents’ Association for the Protection of Students’ Human Rights formally lodged a complaint against Hwasa.

Their contention was that her explicit performance had the potential to negatively influence the general public, especially younger generations.


(Photo : https://v.daum.net/v/20230915080901882)

Amidst the fervent debate surrounding the nature of Hwasa’s performance and whether the complaint against her was excessive, attention has increasingly turned to Hwasa’s attitude and response following the scandal. The removal of Hwasa’s segment from “Dancing Queens on the Road” underscored the gravity of the situation.


(Photo : https://www.instagram.com/_mariahwasa/?hl=en)

Additionally, she shared insights into her exclusive contract with Psy’s agency, P Nation, and her decision to make a comeback amidst the ongoing controversies. 

Nevertheless, Hwasa continued to tread her own path, undeterred by the uproar. She made appearances on various broadcasts, openly discussing the challenges she faced in the wake of severe criticism and hate comments.

Netizens’ comments: 

  • “Arrest her for dropping bad music”
  • “”Indecent performance” is touching her vagina in front of +18 people lol Hwasa”
  • “Hwasa has the right to express herself through her art. It’s not up to others to dictate what is ‘decent’ or not”
  • “The controversy just shows how conservative some people still are. We should embrace diversity in the entertainment industry”
  • “It’s sad that people are still judging female artists based on their appearance and performances. Let her be”

While Hwasa’s seemingly defiant stance in the face of negative feedback on her controversial actions has garnered her a fair share of criticism, the public continues to grapple with the question of whether she should engage more introspectively and consider the boundaries that come with her status as a public figure.

It is evident that punitive measures should be taken against those who engage in excessive and malicious commenting. Nevertheless, the ongoing discourse underscores the importance of differentiating between critical opinions and outright hate, prompting further introspection within the industry and society at large.

Meanwhile,MAMAMOO Hwasa showed off her extraordinary beauty and curves while donned in the new collection of ul:kin at the “2023 F/W Seoul Fashion Week,” held at DDP in Seoul on the 15th.