HYBE, Artists Rumored to Be Involved in Cult — Label Releases Official Statement

Suspicions of the connection of HYBE and its artists to a specific pseudo-religion are making rounds on the internet.

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Here are “proofs” presented by Korean internet users.

What’s the Connection Between HYBE, Meditation Group Dahn World? Speculations Arise

Amid infighting between HYBE and ADOR, the controversy escalated when the rumor arose that the parent label is involved in a cult.

(Photo : HYBE (News1))

On April 28, such speculations started when K-Netz on online communities claimed that HYBE is related to Dahn World, a “pseudo-religion” founded by Lee Seung Heon.

The same person established Global Cyber University, a school that BTS and TXT members attended and promoted in the past.

While Dahn World is claimed to be a meditation group, people considered it a cult due to its characteristics like a religious group where they believed that “the idea of man and god are one.”

Accordingly, various HYBE artists even used its doctrines and behaviors to incorporate into their music, mentioning GFriend’s “Mago,” a song with a dark and witch concept.

Followers of Dahn World worship “Mago,” the goddess of their universe and after digging, the disbandment of GFriend and the debut of LE SSERAFIM also fit the doctrines advocated by the said cult.

In particular, both Source Music teams disbanded and debuted in May, which coincided with the Walpurgis Night.

(Photo : GFriend (News1))
(Photo : LE SSERAFIM (News1))

GFriend ended their career with a witch concept, completely different from their initial pure image, while the affiliate label created another group based on the word, “seraphim” (angels), hinting at the cult’s conspiracy.

The MVs of BTS and NewJeans were also being revisited, due to alleged elements hinting at their connection to the group based on music, design, clothing and accessories.

HYBE Refutes Claims, To Take Legal Action

When this rumor exploded among Koreans and even international fandoms, HYBE briefly yet sternly commented on it, saying:

  • “The suspicions raised are completely unfounded. We will take legal action against violations of artists’ rights and interests.”

(Photo : BTS (News1))

Regarding rumors of involvement in a cult and album-hoarding controversy, Big Hit Music, home to BTS, also drew the line, saying:

“Hello. This is Big Hit Music.

We would like to inform you of our company’s legal response to protect BTS’s rights and interests.

Recently, several organized movements aimed at defaming and slandering BTS have been detected. At the same time, malicious slander, creating rumors, spreading false information, and indiscriminate insults and ridicule toward artists are going too far.

We believe that this matter is a serious infringement on the artist’s reputation, and in addition to the existing regular legal action, we plan to respond sternly by appointing a separate law firm.

Currently, malicious posts directed at artists are being collected as evidence through real-time monitoring and collection. We would like to inform you that we will respond strongly to the suspects by applying the principle of leniency and zero tolerance without agreement.”