HYBE Attempts to Erase NewJeans in Alleged Media Play— Knetz Cry Foul

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In a recent social media uproar, netizens have accused HYBE, the powerhouse behind global sensations like BTS, of initiating a campaign to erase NewJeans from the public eye.

The controversy erupted following the circulation of various news headlines suggesting a decline in NewJeans’ popularity and the rise of a new girl group, ILLIT, purportedly poised to replace them.

The catalyst for the outcry was a viral post titled “HYBE Has Begun Erasing NewJeans,” which showcased a series of headlines from news articles.

Among them, one claimed that ILLIT had surpassed NewJeans in brand power, citing a viral poll where over 100,000 Koreans allegedly voted.

However, the authenticity and methodology of this poll have been called into question by skeptical netizens.

One particular headline, referring to NewJeans as “Unnies” in comparison to ILLIT, drew ire for seemingly misrepresenting the age dynamics between the two groups. Despite NewJeans being relatively younger, the use of “Unnies” suggested a significant age gap, fueling accusations of biased reporting and deliberate manipulation by HYBE.

The response from netizens was swift and impassioned, with many condemning what they perceive as HYBE’s orchestrated media play to undermine NewJeans’ achievements and promote ILLIT.

Comments flooded social media platforms, expressing frustration and disbelief at what they perceive as a smear campaign against the established girl group.

Moreover, netizens pointed out previous instances of what they term as “media play” on various online platforms, further heightening suspicions of HYBE’s intentions.

Some even speculated that ILLIT was specifically created to replace NewJeans, alleging a concerted effort to diminish the latter’s unique identity and legacy.

The controversy underscores the intense scrutiny faced by entertainment companies in South Korea and the ever-present tension between corporate interests and artistic integrity.

While HYBE has yet to respond to the allegations, the fervent outcry from netizens signals a growing demand for transparency and fairness in media representation within the K-pop industry.

As the debate rages on, fans and observers alike are closely monitoring developments, eager to see how HYBE addresses the accusations and whether NewJeans will weather this storm of controversy with their reputation intact.