HYBE Boycott Intensifies After Weverse Started Censoring Words Related to Palestine

K-pop fans call for boycott of HYBE artists as the label hints at support for Israel, amid the genocide against Palestinians.

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HYBE’s Weverse Accused of Censoring Words Related to Palestine

On April 9, an X user’s post intensified the ongoing boycott of HYBE artists after it was revealed that the multi-label corporation is trying to silence fans from spreading the word about the genocide.

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In particular, the OP uploaded a screenshot of a conversation where they tried to post on Weverse about Palestine and genocide.

As a brief context, the OP originally tried to educate Chuu regarding the ongoing boycott of pro-Israel brands funding the genocide after she was recently spotted drinking Starbucks.

One of the mediums that Orbits (fandom) used to spread awareness was Weverse, but after multiple attempts to post, they found out that it was being rejected due to the words “genocide” and “Palestine.”

Upon the post, this concern became a hot topic on the social media platform and more testimonies revealed that HYBE’s weverse is also deleting and clearing posts related to calling out its artists and the company, worse, some accounts are even blocked and reported.

K-pop Fans Declare Boycott of HYBE Artists

Due to this, the frustration and anger of fans intensified and urged them to boycott the company even more.

Since HYBE holds much power and influence, netizens are disappointed that the multi-label is not using its platform to spread more awareness regarding what is happening in Gaza and accused the company of being a “Zionist.”

With this, fans who are pro-Palestinians are making attempts by stopping to stream HYBE artists’ songs on official streaming platforms & not buying their merchandise from the company’s official stores.

Fans are explaining that while these acts won’t stop the genocide anytime soon, this will make HYBE divest from Zionism to avoid further ruin and backlash to its artists.

BTS fandom, ARMYs are also making a significant effort by starting a protest online with the hashtags [#하이브는시오니스트를퇴출하라, #HYBEDivestFromZionism] as well as sending protest trucks in front of HYBE headquarters with the message, “ARMY 4 PALESTINE.”