HYBE claims that Min Heejin’s image as ‘the mother of NewJeans’ is a facade

HYBE stated, “Min Heejin, the ‘mother of NewJeans’ image is just a facade… She claims that ‘NewJeans is successful thanks to me.’”

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HYBE’s side claimed that Min Heejin’s image as “the mother of NewJeans” was a facade.

“The creditor’s interests lie in the money that NewJeans makes, not NewJeans themselves. Min Heejin has made remarks in the past such as, ‘It’s hard to treat the members of NewJeans like artists. It’s unbearable that I have to pick up after them’. She also said, ‘I was the reason NewJeans succeeded’. Min Heejin also required the NewJeans members to say exactly what she wrote in a script during interviews. She is gaslighting the NewJeans members so that they remain obedient, and is framing this as a ‘mother-daughter’ relationship.”

1. No, do you believe this?

2. Don’t protect Min Heejin by pretending to be a fan of NewJeans

3. HYBE wrote a novel

4. This is what was said in court today?

5. Damn, who believes that?

6. HYBE is really dirty, petty and disgusting

7. Then HYBE should have paid a little more attention to NewJeans, accepted the greeting, and promoted NewJeans a little harder

8. Do you have KakaoTalk messages? Are there any recordings or data?

9. How can you believe this when Bang Si Hyuk doesn’t even accept benefits from the kids????

10. It’s disgusting, stupid

11. Do you have any proof?

12. At least in this situation, Min Heejin is the one protecting the members, so how can you trust HYBE?

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