HYBE Faces Heat as Min Hee Jin Calls Out ‘Black Propaganda’ to Destroy Her Crediblity

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Following her press conference addressing the escalating tensions between ADOR and entertainment powerhouse HYBE, CEO Min Hee Jin has stepped forward with further allegations in an exclusive interview.

Jin accuses HYBE of orchestrating a calculated “media play war” against her, aiming to undermine her reputation and leadership.

Unveiling the “Black Propaganda”

In the interview, Jin delved into the tactics she believes HYBE is employing, labeling them as “black propaganda” designed to manipulate public perception.

She contends that HYBE’s narrative portrays her as a money-driven individual with character flaws, exploiting existing biases against her.

Jin vehemently defended herself against these characterizations, expressing frustration over the misrepresentation of her confidence as egotism.

She emphasized the cruelty of the narrative being constructed against her and the impact on her company’s reputation.

Accusations of Intent to Destroy

Jin further alleged that HYBE’s actions were aimed at destroying her credibility by airing internal conflicts in the public domain.

Min Hee Jin
Min Hee Jin
(Photo : v.daum.net)

She suggested that HYBE seeks to erode public trust in her leadership, though she stopped short of specifying their motives.

A Plea for Resolution

In a closing appeal, Jin beseeched HYBE to cease their media manipulation and seek a private resolution to the conflict.

She characterized the ongoing feud as petty and urged both parties to halt the public spectacle before further damage is done.


The allegations put forth by Jin cast doubt on the ethics of media manipulation within the entertainment industry and underscore the need for transparency and responsible conflict resolution practices.

As the standoff between ADOR and HYBE continues, the public awaits HYBE’s response, eager for clarity in this escalating feud.