HYBE Group’s KATSEYE Breaks the Internet with Divisive Styling — ‘These outfits arer ugly…’

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In a notable collaboration between HYBE Group and GEFFEN Records, “The Debut: Dream Academy,” introduced its 20 contestants on August 20.

The global scale of the show, coupled with its departure from typical elimination formats, prompted a range of reactions from netizens.

Evolution to KATSEYE

Following rounds of competition, the group was whittled down to a final six members, officially named KATSEYE.

(Photo : instagram)

While diverging from the conventional K-Pop archetype, KATSEYE’s rigorous training and pre-debut activities have intrigued fans, building anticipation for their official debut.

Recognition and Critique

Recently highlighted as one of VOGUE’s acts to watch in the upcoming year, KATSEYE found themselves in esteemed company alongside rising stars like Omar Apollo and Tyla. However, it wasn’t all accolades for the group.

(Photo : Twitter)

Controversy Surrounding Styling Choices

A cloud of criticism loomed over KATSEYE’s styling choices, contrasting starkly with the simpler aesthetics of their fellow highlighted artists.

(Photo : Twitter)

Described by some as kitsch, the members don multiple layers of textures, adhering somewhat to a color code.


Netizens’ Weigh In

Below are comments from netizens regarding the perceived ‘UGLY’ styling of the Hybe Group’s KATSEYE:

  • “Where can I also find this?”
  • “The only one semi eating is manon and Lara cause what are those outfitsssss”
  • “what they do to our girls???”
  • “They getting the Fifth Harmony special”
  • “STOPP”
  • This is soooooo ugly
  • What happened ?

While some outfits, such as those worn by Manon and Daniella, found moderate approval, the overall sentiment among netizens veered towards displeasure. Many commented that the group’s visuals seemed to be the saving grace amidst the questionable styling.