HYBE Have to Pay all of Min Hee-jin’s Legal Costs? “BTS Needs to Leave”

On June 3, a topic titled “Min Hee-jin’s legal court to be fully covered by HYBE” was published on the Korean forum “theqoo”, drawing over 53,000 views and 500 comments within just a few hours. 

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The topic, which attaches an excerpt for the court document for the HYBE-ADOR conflict case, reveals the court has ruled that HYBE has to cover all of Min Hee-jin’s legal costs, which amount to under 10 million Korean won (approx 7,200 USD). 

min hee jin ador

Upon hearing about this, a lot of netizens are cheering for Min Hee-jin, while laughing at HYBE’s failure in the court ruling. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • The artists under HYBE now have to work to pay this back 
  • Ha, and this is just the legal costs from Min Hee-jin’s side, I wonder how much HYBE has to pay for their own legal costs? 
  • They are probably planning to take the money from BTS fans again 
  • The company is probably already planning to milk the money from fans of their artists…
  • I hope BTS will leave for an independent label after all of this, all of their money are being used by HYBE on stupid causes. 

Source: theqoo