HYBE is once again accused of idea theft 

According to the female artist, an official from HYBE initially contacted her via social media to propose a collaboration for a company project. While the two parties were discussing, HYBE suddenly ceased all communication.

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The female artist only noticed the similarities between her work and the design of SYNDIE8 when acquaintances and friends asked her if she was collaborating with the company. Upon comparing, she found the similarities astonishing and suspected that HYBE had used her work without permission.

syndi8 thumbnail
The female artist shares her work (photo: Kpop Life)

Feeling sad and angry, she made a post on her personal page, attaching images of the messages exchanged with HYBE’s representative. “Earlier this year, I received a collaboration invitation from H Corporation, regarding the design for a virtual girl group. When I provided a detailed quote and some other conditions, the company cut off all communication without any response. This made me very uncomfortable. Today, HYBE announced their new virtual group, and many people around me think it’s my design. When I directly viewed the images sent by people, it felt so strange. If you look at the third image, it doesn’t resemble the original draft they showed me at the beginning but rather looks like my work. Although my drawing style is influenced by various styles, such a coincidence is unlikely.”


The artist’s share caused a stir in the online community, prompting questions about HYBE’s working methods, as the company has repeatedly faced allegations of plagiarism. “A big company shouldn’t behave like this,” “Is this HYBE’s secret to success,” “If this is true, HYBE is really cunning. In this day and age, how can they blatantly steal others’ intellectual property like this?”… Numerous comments condemned the company managing BTS.

Currently, HYBE has not provided any response regarding this issue.

Source: K14