HYBE officially becomes a corporation, the first entertainment company

HYBE becomes a corporation.. The first entertainment company

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According to the industry on the 8th, the Fair Trade Commission determined the asset scale of HYBE to be more than 5 trillion won

HYBE’s designation as a corporation is the first case of an entertainment company becoming a corporation and is understood to reflect the growth of the cultural industry in the country

According to Yonhap Infomax Corporation, HYBE’s total assets as of the end of last year were 5.3457 trillion won, an increase of 9.8% over the previous year

1. Please treat Bangtan well, seriously

2. So please treat Bangtan well

3. Wow Bangtan is… so amazing

4. Bangtan is amazing, they created a corporation from a small company;;

5. I just think Bangtan is amazing

6. HYBE has become a large company as expected. Bang Si Hyuk said that his dream is to become a company like Naver

7. Do they offer the same salaries and benefits as a corporation?

8. In the past, people criticized BTS as small and medium-sized idols, but they turned HYBE into a corporation, that’s the story of a movie

9. My idols are employees of a corporation

10. Bang Si Hyuk is amazing

11. Bangtan is amazing, they created a corporation

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