HYBE Reveals Why NewJeans Wasn’t Included In ‘Grammy Museum’ — What Happened?

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Earlier on July 9, it was reported that HYBE and The Grammy Museum would be collaborating on a project, which will take the form of an exhibition displaying the multi-label’s K-pop artists.

The upcoming endeavor will include artists such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, TXT, fromis_9, ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM, BOYNEXTDOOR, ILLT, &TEAM, TWS, Zico, and KATSEYE. While the project was supposed to excite K-pop fans, many were critical of HYBE for NewJeans’ absence from the list.

The exclusion led many to believe that HYBE had mistreated NewJeans. However, others called out critics for “contradicting” themselves, as many were rooting for ADOR’s separation from HYBE. Some considered that this was the result of Min Hee Jin’s actions against the conglomerate.

On July 11, Korean news outlet Sports Hyunghyang shared HYBE’s insight on the matter. According to sources, HYBE revealed that the exclusion was based on the decision of ADOR.

The option to participate in the exhibition was decided by the label’s choice,” it shared.

In other news, many netizens reacted to the exclusion. In a forum, K-netz expressed frustration towards HYBE. On the other hand, some remarked that the exclusion wasn’t surprising, given the ongoing conflict between HYBE and ADOR.

  • “Is it because of their world tour? What’s this?”
  • “They’re so transparent, isn’t this such a loser move for HYBE?”
  • “Isn’t Min Heejin the one who doesn’t want to do it? I’m not taking HYBE’s side, but with how the media is portraying them, I don’t think they’d blatantly omit NewJeans like that.”
  • “Wow and on top of it, they have KATSEYE at the end who just debuted a month ago?”
  • “I’m impressed there are still people who insist on shielding them.”
  • “HYBE is HYBE.”
  • “HYBE stans are so cringe.”
  • “I’m not shielding HYBE but I really think that Min Heejin is the one who doesn’t want to have anything to do with this.”

International netizens also gave their reactions and mentioned that the quintet has never engaged with these types of events with HYBE in the first place. 

  • “Such a dumb discourse. It was ADOR’s choice not to have them included.”
  • “ADOR/Min Hee Jin wanted to be separated from HYBE in every way, so what’s the problem? They’re giving them what they want.”
  • “Min Hee Jin has always been weird about isolating NewJeans. Not just from the rest of HYBE, but the K-pop industry as a whole.”
  • “NewJeans don’t need HYBE or this kind of promo, they’re already bigger.”
  • “HYBE never included NewJeans in these types of things anyway. People are just noticing now because of what happened. Why is everyone in this comment section so weird and annoying?”

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