HYBE States That ADOR’s Claim of Bang Sihyuk Refuses to Receive New Jeans’ Members’ Greetings is One-Sided and Not Factual


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We would like to inform you from HYBE.

Regarding the email reported by a media outlet on the 13th, allegedly sent by New Jeans’ parents to our company, we would like to provide an explanation.

Our company received the email on April 3rd and already responded on April 16th, clarifying that it was not plagiarism.

The situation started with ADOR’s claim that said, “(Bang Sihyuk) refuses to receive New Jeans’ members’ greetings”. This claim is one-sided and not factual.

We deeply regret CEO Min’s behavior of dragging artists and their families into her own fight for her own greed.

Our company has gathered evidence that ▲sending emails attacking HYBE was the beginning of a plan for a takeover and profit pursuit ▲CEO Min suggested using New Jeans’ parents as a shield because she knew that if she raised the issue himself, it would violate the shareholder agreement ▲the email allegedly sent by his parents was actually written by Vice President L and CEO Min. We will submit this evidence to investigative and judicial authorities.

We cannot help but express our dismay at CEO Min Heejin’s behavior of using artists as shields and even using their parents for her own advantage. We once again urge CEO Min to refrain from manipulating public opinion to restraint in protecting the value of artists.


-ㅋㅋㅋ Do people still believe in HYBE?

-Maybe they didn’t like hearing the truth. Their feedback is so fast.

-Why are they quick to give feedback like this but not to explain about Dahnworld?

-But they don’t even have any pictures together.

-Was this company usually this fast at giving feedback?

-Oh, I see~

-HYBE’s quick at refuting when they receive criticism, and best at ignoring when artists are criticized.

-HYBE was the one who first dragged families into this with negative publicity; why are they trying to shift the blame now?

-Then, why not upload a picture of Bang Sihyuk and New Jeans together?

-You were the ones who started the negative publicity and stirred things up.

-It’s funny that those who used the media to deceive the public are now saying such things.

-Try refuting the Sajaegi and cult-involvement allegations at this speed.

-‘Refrain from manipulating public opinion to restraint in protecting the value of artists.’ <- Look in the mirror and say it again.

-When will this end??? It’s getting boring now. Hurry up and take both of them to court.

-Who would believe this?ㅋㅋㅋ