HYBE’s direct hit on Min Heejin: ‘Do you have any intention to protect your employees?’

by Reporter Lee Jinwook

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Regarding the recent controversy, HYBE released a statement that directly targeted ADOR’s CEO Min Heejin, saying, “If she had intentions to protect her employees, this thing wouldn’t have occurred.”

On the 10th, HYBE claimed, “The audit conducted on ADOR’s style directing team leader on the evening of 9th was proceeded lawfully, with the consent of the auditee. The procedures were not coercive.”

Previously, ADOR said the audit went for over 5 hours, even past midnight on the 10th. In response, HYBE stated, “The team leader arrived at the company at 6PM. Upon receiving call from the audit team, she responded at 7PM.”

Regarding ADOR’s claim that the audit went as far as following the team leader to her house, demanding not only laptop but also her personal phone, HYBE responded as follows:

“During the audit process, the team leader admitted to receiving hundreds of millions of won in bribes from an external contractor with the approval of CEO Min Heejin. Additionally, she expressed her intention to submit her personal laptop at home. With her consent, our female employees accompanied her to her home, took the laptop, and returned back to the office. The team leader consented to the use of personal information and expressed willingness to cooperate, that’s why she handed over the laptop.”

Furthermore they added, “CEO Min Heejin and other ADOR’s staff haven’t used the official messenger of the company for work conversations. They rely solely on Kakao Talk. Despite requesting the submission of data stored on the phone, the team leader did not comply. HYBE’s audit team did not make further submission requests.”

ADOR disagreed with HYBE’s claim, stating that there was not embezzlement as the team leader did not receive incentives from ADOR, but received payment from advertiser for her work as a freelancer. 

In response, HYBE countered, “There is no practice within the company where a permanent employee directly receive hundreds of millions of won from an advertiser. Besides, it is a clear violation of law for a company to transfer funds to individuals, especially when the CEO knows about it for a long time.”

They added, “Furthermore, CEO Min Heejin hasn’t taken any action for the recovery of the illegally received money. We also expect a thorough investigation to clarify where the hundreds of millions of won received by the team leader went.”

HYBE expressed strong regret towards the misleading statement that CEO Min Heejin’s side previously released, saying “This is a serious defamation against the company.” They announced their intention to take appropriate legal actions regarding this matter.


-What?? What about you, HYBE? Do you have any intention to protect your artists?

-Then why does HYBE not protect Min Heejin? She’s also an employee in HYBE. 

-I think Min Heejin is the one who’s protecting her employees here…? 

-Seems like HYBE still doesn’t understand the most important thing in the whole situation…

-Are they talking about themselves?

-Are they fools?

-I don’t think they even understand what they’re talking about

-What kind of nonsense is this…

-What the f*ck are they doing??

-I read the interview that team leader did, she said she was threatened by HYBE’s audit team…

-HYBE is evil

-I don’t think HYBE’s supposed to be the one who says that…???

-What are you talking about…? Just mind your own business. You guys suck at doing your own job. 

-This is very low of HYBE

-At this point, HYBE just seems like a bunch of losers….

-They’re talking about their own company?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ