HYBE’s Dirty Tactics? Netizens Outraged Over SEVENTEEN’s Comeback Controversy

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Netizens have voiced strong concerns regarding HYBE’s handling of SEVENTEEN’s comeback, alleging sabotage in the group’s recent release activities.

SEVENTEEN’s anticipated song “MAESTRO” was released on April 29, but fans were puzzled by the lack of a traditional premiere for the music video. Instead, it was shared on social media, sparking confusion among fans.

Stock Availability Concerns

Adding to the controversy, fans in Korea reported discrepancies in physical album availability. Despite queues forming before the release, major stores reportedly had no stock, leaving fans frustrated and questioning the organization of the release.


Netizens’ Reactions and Support

Despite these challenges, loyal fans, known as CARATs, expressed pride in SEVENTEEN’s achievements with the new album. However, they also called for fair treatment and investment in the group’s comeback, mirroring sentiments shared by netizens.

SEVENTEEN (Photo : Twitter)


Meanwhile, Korean CARATs have expressed disappointment and frustration with SEVENTEEN, citing instances of what they perceive as deception and a lack of consideration for their fandom.

These grievances include past controversies, such as dating rumors and gift controversies, as well as dissatisfaction with the group’s tour announcement and decision to celebrate their 9th debut anniversary in Japan.

Fans are calling for all 13 members of SEVENTEEN to enlist in the military, expressing a sense of betrayal and disillusionment. The sentiment among fans is that the group should address their controversies and prioritize their Korean fanbase.