HYBE’s Latest BTS FESTA Merchandise Sparks Outrage Among Fans — Here’s Why

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HYBE, the entertainment company behind BTS, has come under intense scrutiny following their recent announcement regarding the BTS 2024 FESTA merchandise.

The announcement, made on June 4 via Weverse, introduced a range of customizable items including t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, and a bucket hat. However, the reaction from fans, known as ARMY, has been overwhelmingly negative.

The merchandise offered a unique feature: fans could customize pieces with emblems representing BTS, FESTA, and individual members. Additionally, some items included special gifts such as an assortment of patches, allowing further personalization. Despite these features, the designs have not resonated well with the fanbase.

One ARMY member commented, “HYBE just making it easier to boycott…”





This reflects the growing discontent among the fanbase, especially in light of an ongoing boycott against HYBE due to allegations related to Zionism.

The boycott against HYBE has been gaining traction among fans who are unhappy with the company’s actions and affiliations. The release of what they perceive as subpar merchandise only fuels the existing frustrations, making it easier for fans to justify not purchasing the new products.

This is not the first time HYBE has faced backlash over merchandise. The company has been at the center of multiple controversies regarding the quality and relevance of products released for its artists. The latest incident with BTS’s 2024 FESTA merchandise appears to be another chapter in this ongoing saga.