HYBE’s Side: “Disgusted by Min Heejin backstabbing New Jeans… Claims that New Jeans’ success is because of her”


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by Journalist Hong Hyemin.

A representative from HYBE stated, “Min Heejin’s interest is not New Jeans itself, but the money they bring in.” They further claimed, “Although Min Heejin says, ‘If it weren’t for me, New Jeans wouldn’t have debuted. I couldn’t bear to see them suffer.’ The reality is that she belittled and insulted the members by saying, ‘It’s actually difficult to treat New Jeans as artists, but I endured it. The success of New Jeans is not because they’re New Jeans, but because of me.'”

HYBE’s side also alleged that Min Heejin engaged in gaslighting in order to make New Jeans’ members emotionally dependent on her, saying, “Min Heejin demanded New Jeans’ members to stick to the scrips she provided when they have interviews. This portrays a gaslighting relationship, where New Jeans here holds a passive role, all disguised behind the term ‘mother-daughter relationship.'”


-It’s really disgusting. If you’re a semi-major company, act like one. Stop doing such crappy things.

-It feels like I’m watching kids fighting.

-Wasn’t it HYBE who told them to speak according to the script? Wasn’t it HYBE who controlled New Jeans so they couldn’t even promote on variety shows?

-This company is crazy… Even if it’s true, why would they release an article with such wording? Wow…

-Is causing conflicts HYBE’s specialty? Their media play is too disgusting.

-HYBE seems out of their minds. Please let Min Heejin and New Jeans part ways with HYBE peacefully…

-HYBE is too obsessed with media play. Why are they like this, even though they’re a big company?

-HYBE is getting more disgusting.

-Wow, HYBE is really going overboard… Wow, this company is really dirty.

-Is HYBE really protecting New Jeans, though? What the hell kind of article is this?

-HYBE is really crazy, beyond the limit. They’re so disgusting to the point of making me sick.

-I wonder what New Jeans would think if they saw this… They probably don’t care at all.

-Wow, how far will HYBE fall? It’s really disgusting for them to use the names of young artists like this for media play.

-Since HYBE’s logic doesn’t work, they’re resorting to all kinds of nonsense.

-They might get sued by New Jeans’ parents if they keep making these speculations without evidence.

-Why is HYBE treating New Jeans like this?