HYBE’s Weverse Update Sparks Outrage Among BTS Army

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In a recent turn of events, HYBE’s Weverse platform has become a battleground for freedom of expression, sparking outrage among fans and leading to accusations of censorship.

The controversy revolves around Weverse’s guidelines, specifically targeting discussions related to politics, a move that many see as an attempt to stifle important conversations.

Weverse, a platform cherished by fans for its direct interaction with idols and community-building features, has recently witnessed a surge in discussions regarding the ongoing genocide in Palestine. Fans took to the platform to share information and raise awareness, utilizing their voice to shed light on global issues.

However, the mood took a sharp turn when fans noticed a guidelines notice from BTS’s Weverse addressing political discussions.

The notice stated, “Posts and comments that discriminate against or promote prejudice against any political stance, religion, gender, disability, age, race, region, occupation, etc., are against our guidelines.”

The announcement drew swift backlash from fans who felt their freedom of expression was being curtailed. One fan expressed their frustration, saying, “not weverse censoring us rn… that’s just great. glad to know where they stand,” highlighting the growing discontent among the community.

This incident is not isolated but part of a larger wave of discontent among fans regarding HYBE’s handling of sensitive topics. Fans have been protesting against the company for several months, demanding transparency and a more open dialogue on important issues.



In response to the outcry, HYBE has yet to issue a formal statement addressing the concerns raised by fans. However, the controversy continues to simmer, with fans determined to make their voices heard and resist any form of censorship on platforms meant for free expression and engagement.