Hyeri and Han Sohee’s Instagram Story today

Hyeri: This is fun

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Han Sohee: I don’t like someone who has a lover, nor do I give room under the name of a friend, nor do I show interest, nor do I interfere with other’s relationships. I like watching ‘Transit Love’, but it will never take place in my life. I find it fun as well. 


-Why are they fighting over Ryu Junyeol?

-What kind of charm does Ryu Junyeol have that two absolutely gorgeous women who are 8 years younger than him fight over him?

-Seriously, I don’t know what Han Sohee did wrong here. What’s wrong with her last sentence?

-The fact that the subject of this whole drama is Ryu Junyeol feels like a lie to me. 

-Why did she do that to Han Sohee? Han Sohee already denied the rumors. 

-Why did Hyeri do that?

-Please just tell me it’s noise marketing for their next project, damn it. 

-Hyeri didn’t say anything about Han Sohee, why is she being attacked?

-Han Sohee and Ryu Junyeol are not dating, yet Ryu Junyeol’s ex-girlfriend threw some shade on her Instagram story, saying ‘This is fun’ and unfollowed him. On the other side, Han Sohee is being attacked for getting involved in a dating rumor with him. I can totally see why she’s pissed off. 

-It would’ve been so much better if they could resolve this privately. What is this? It’s very heart-breaking. 

-I wonder what Ryu Junyeol is doing and what he’s thinking about right now.

-You’re telling me the lead character in this whole drama is Ryu Junyeol? Ugh, so boring. 

-Girls… Can’t you love yourselves a bit more?

-If Hyeri really did shade Han Sohee, why did she do that to her instead of Ryu Junyeol?

-It’s funny that Han Sohee is getting attacked as if she’s the one who started throwing some shades on Hyeri when all she did was just give an explanation. What do you expect her to do? Stay quiet when people accuse her of stealing Hyeri’s boyfriend?

-I can totally see why Han Sohee is pissed off.

-This reminds me that social media is just a waste of time. 

-Han Sohee should’ve just stayed quiet…

-What did Hyeri do wrong to deserve this, really…