Hyeri Gives Update Following Controversy With Ryu Jun Yeol, Han So Hee: ‘I Think I’m Very…’

Following the controversy with Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee, Hyeri gave fans an update about her current status.

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Hyeri Expresses Satisfaction With Her Life: ‘People Like Me Whatever I Do’

In the latest episode of the variety-talk show “Hyell’s Club” on April 5, Hyeri invited comedian Jo Se Ho and actor Nam Chang Hee as her special guests.

(Photo : Hyeri Instagram)

It is Hyeri’s YouTube show where she invites her close celebrity friends and colleagues, and where they talk about their lives, careers, and more.

During the episode, Jo Se Ho asked the idol-actress what she gets excited about. Hyeri answered that she was excited to stay home and do nothing.

The comedian continued to ask the actress:

“How do you feel living as Hyeri? Of course, many people already like you but you must have worries of your own, too.”

He wondered how she would feel living as Hyeri.

(Photo : Hyeri Instagram | GQ Korea)

The “Moonshine” star genuinely answered that she feels good.

“When I guested in ‘You Quiz on the Block’ the hard thing was that I had to talk about my story and share things that were tough in my life. But honestly speaking, there’s nothing that greatly bothered me.”

Hyeri also expressed how grateful she is for receiving much love and support from almost everyone.

“I think I’m very lucky. People like me whatever I do.”

Hyeri, Han So Hee, Ryu Jun Yeol Issue
(Photo : Hyeri, Dispatch Instagram)

To recall, in November 2023, the actress announced that she and her longtime boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol had broken up after almost seven years of being in a relationship.

In March 2024, Hyeri was dragged into the dating controversy between Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol.

Hyeri To Conquer 2024 With ‘Tropical Night,’ ‘Victory,’ More

Hyeri is booked with new projects for this year until 2025, hinting at her packed schedule.

She just finished filming in Thailand for her comeback movie “Tropical Night” where she will share the frame with well-rounded stars Woo Do Hwan, Jang Dong Gun, Park Sung Hoon, Kim Min, and Kim Min Seok.

Hyeri is also confirmed to headline another movie, “Victory,” where she is expected to portray as a cheerdancer.

In addition, she is being courted to lead a GL (Girls’ Love) series “Friendly Rivalry.”

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