“Hyeri Wasted 7 Years,” “Don’t Hide Behind Women” … Malicious Comments Pours on Ryu Junyeol’s Instagram


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Han Sohee and Ryu Junyeol both admitted to their romantic relationship on the 16th, amidst a series of malicious comments from netizens flooding Ryu Junyeol’s social media. 

On that day, both Han Sohee and Ryu Junyeol confirmed the relationship. It’s only been two days since the first rumors surfaced. Han Sohee first revealed through her blog in the morning, “Ryu Junyeol and I are in a relationship with good feelings.” Shortly after, Ryu Junyeol’s agency stated, “Ryu Junyeol has had positive feelings towards Han Sohee since earlier this year.”

When the rumors of their relationship first emerged, online discussions were filled with controversies regarding their relationship. This was because Ryu Junyeol, who had been in a public relationship with singer and actress Hyeri for about seven years since 2017, was reported to have started a new relationship just four months after their breakup. Moreover, suspicions were fueled by the fact that Han Sohee visited Ryu Junyeol’s photo exhibition last November. Netizens criticized, “There’s no problem meeting a new partner after a breakup, but starting a new relationship right before or after sorting out the previous one is not considerate.” 

In the midst of this, Hyeri herself posted a meaningful message on her Instagram story saying “This is fun,” leading to widespread speculation that Ryu Junyeol had indeed engaged in a transfer relationship. Han Sohee countered this by saying, “I find it amusing too.” However, at that time, Ryu Junyeol did not clarify his position.

As a result, Ryu Junyeol’s most recent Instagram post has been flooded with critical comments. Comments such as “Hyeriwasted seven years,” “Don’t hide behind women, say it directly, whether it’s true or not,” and more flooded his post. As of that day, the most recent post on Ryu Junyeol’s Instagram had over 7,000 comments. Considering that comments on other posts are around 1,000 at most, the majority of comments are presumed to be related to these dating rumors.

However, both Han Sohee and Ryu Junyeol acknowledged their relationship that day while denying the transfer relationship suspicions. Han Sohee explained, “Although news of Ryu Junyeol and Hyeri’s breakup was publicized last November, I know they actually broke up early last year.” Ryu Junyeol’s agency claimed, “After the breakup, Ryu Junyeol got to know Han Sohee and confirmed his feelings recently.” In particular, Ryu Junyeol’s side warned, “We will take strong legal action through legal representatives against malicious comments regarding false information, defamation, and infringement of honor and personality rights.”


-Hyeri fighting! Ryu Junyeol and Han Sohee, stay together for a long time!!!!!!!

-I hope Ryu Junyeol and Han Sohee get married.

-I’m sure they dated because they liked each other, so why are people like this?

-That’s very narrow-minded of them. Wasting time? Hyeri willingly dated Ryu Junyeol. Besides, how much did she accomplish in those 7 years? Is love everything in life? I understand what they meant, but they’re being very disrespectful to Hyeri.

-Instead of writing such comments, focus on your own life, haters.

-How low must your life be to be leaving comments on a celebrity’s Instagramㅋㅋㅋ

-Too much time and too many words for someone with nothing to do.

-Hyeri wasted 7 years of her life?ㅋㅋㅋ Dating for a long time doesn’t guarantee ending up in marriage, damn it. They sound like someone whose goal in life is to get married. 

-Why are people creating a big fuss over celebrities’ relationships? Besides, Ryu Junyeol and Han Sohee barely started their relationship, why are they demanding the two of them to get married?

-What did Hyeri waste…?? This is so dumb-founding.

-Ryu Junyeol was in the same 7-year relationship, that means he also wasted 7 years of his life, right?? 

-There’s no need to worry about celebrities, you guys…

-Am I the only one who doesn’t understand why people are doing this to Ryu Junyeol and Han Sohee??

-They dated for 7 years because they liked each other. They make it sound like she was forced to date him, ugh…

-Why are you guys so interested in other people’s relationships?? You guys really have nothing else to doㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-She wasted her time by dating Ryu Junyeol, but not when she dated Tony Ahn?ㅋㅋㅋ