Hyoyeon Confesses Difficulties Of Being A Public Figure, “I Endure A Lot Of Personal Attacks”

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon talked about the way she deals with haters

Hyoyeon recently had an interview with COSMOPOLITAN. During the interview, the Girls’ Generation member was asked about how she copes with malicious comments on the Internet.

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In response, Hyoyeon emphasized that being a public figure was not an easy job. She confessed her difficulties, saying, “A very optimistic person can even view themselves in a negative way. I realized that I not only received love but also had to endure a lot of personal attacks. I practiced restlessly for 7 years and thought I just needed to showcase my performance, but people were only trying to spread hateful comments.”

SNSD Hyoyeon

Regarding her attitude towards negativity, Hyoyeon confessed, “I’m an easy-going person and I only listen to helpful words so I decided to think that haters just haven’t understood me enough”, adding “We need to stop thinking about negativity and keep focusing on positive things for a long time. I care more about the core value and only remember happy events.”

The female singer called malicious commenters “people without friends”. She added, “I didn’t care about them at all. I’m not calm, and rather a bad-tempered person so I even wanted to shout in their faces the way they did to me.”

Meanwhile, Hyoyeon debuted with Girls Generation in 2007. Apart from Girls’ Generation activities, she also participates in subunit and project groups and promotes herself as a solo singer and a DJ.

Last month, Hyoyeon made a comeback with the single “Picture”.