HyunA Faces Backlash Following ‘My Attitude’ Tour Announcement: ‘No One’s Coming, Girl’

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The reactions were mostly negative.

When a K-pop act or any artist announces a tour, the usual reactions from fans would be positive, as well as filled with excitement, anticipation, and happiness. However, that wasn’t the case for soloist, HyunA.

On June 4, HyunA officially announced the schedule for her upcoming “My Attitude” Tour 2024 in North America. According to HyunA’s post on social media platform Instagram, the soloist will kickstart the tour in Dallas on August 7.

This will be followed in Houston (August 8), New York (August 10), Toronto (August 13), Chicago (August 14), Los Angeles (August 17), Seattle (August 20), and Berkley (August 21).

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But netizens weren’t having it in the comments section, as they brought up the controversial relationship between HyunA and former HIGHLIGHT member Yong Junhyung, who was involved in the infamous “Burning Scandal” in 2019.

Netizens then expressed annoyance over the announcement and even stated their unwillingness to attend her concerts due to her relationship with Yong Junhyung. Some mentioned the newest BBC documentary, which shed new light on the scandal.

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Read their comments below:

  • “Have you watched the BBC documentary on Burning Sun?”
  • “I literally just watched it and those people supporting her y’all have no brain. Go watch it yourself then you’ll know.”
  • “I would’ve loved to go but I stand with the burning sun victims.”
  • “We ain’t going.”
  • “Honey, take that plane right back to Korea please.”
  • “Don’t come here HyunA.”
  • “No one’s coming, girl.”
  • “Girl, please just stay home.”
  • “For the first time, I’m going to say this, HyunA. Please don’t come to Chicago.”
  • “No one will show up sweetie so don’t bother practice.”
  • “Not her thinking she’s going to sell any tickets.”
  • “She’s gonna have to cancel due to no tickets sold
  • “LOL and who’s going to that?”

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Meanwhile, some fans defended the idol:

  • “Why are so many haters still following her? do y’all literally follow her just to leave mean comments?”
  • “I don’t agree with her actions myself. but I’m not just lurking JUST to hate. y’all need to touch grass ASAP.”
  • “Sad. K-pop fans have this habit of hating the idols they “love” and assume they’re guilty without any real facts or details.”
  • “People stalking her account only to hate on her, do y’all really think you’re better than her?”
  • “How easy it is to be a moralistic person, but how hard to have some god**n moral, huh?”
  • “I love Hyuna, sorry, I can’t hate her just for having a new boyfriend.”
  • “Trolls in here faster than fans yet again but still claiming they don’t care. The joke continues to write itself. I’ll see you all at the concert.”

What are your thoughts on the reactions? Will you be going to one of her shows? Let us know in the comments below.