HyunA Opens Up About the Pressures of Being a K-Pop Icon — ‘I’ve Been Feeling That…’

In a heartfelt episode of “Umaizing Date” on June 9, K-pop star HyunA shared her candid thoughts and concerns about her career, leading to an emotional moment on the show.

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During the conversation with host Uhm Junghwa, the veteran singer/actress reminisced about her past busy schedule, expressing how she eventually found peace and freedom.

Uhm Junghwa
Uhm Junghwa
(Photo : Youtube (SS capture))

HyunA, resonating with these sentiments, opened up about her own worries regarding the longevity of her career in the fiercely competitive K-pop industry.

“I’ve been feeling that lately. I mean, I’m never going to be up here forever,” HyunA expressed, highlighting the transient nature of stardom and the pressure to gracefully navigate transitions for her fans’ sake.

As the conversation deepened, HyunA became emotional, shedding tears as she shared her inner struggles. Uhm Junghwa, moved by the raw honesty, comforted HyunA, saying, “Well, you don’t have to come down. Just continue staying there,” reflecting the industry’s expectations and the burden of maintaining success.

HyunA/Uhm Junghwa
HyunA/Uhm Junghwa
(Photo : Youtube (SS capture))

HyunA’s tears were not just a display of vulnerability but also a testament to the genuine emotions artists experience behind the glamour. She revealed that her recent song “ATTITUDE” was inspired by Uhm Junghwa’s resilience and attitude, symbolizing a tribute to her mentor’s impact on her career and mindset.

Expressing her gratitude, HyunA thanked Uhm Junghwa for being a source of inspiration during challenging times.

“Meeting you was like finding a four-leaf clover. I feel very lucky to have found someone like you. Thank you, unnie,”

HyunA emotionally expressed, highlighting the profound impact of mentorship and support in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, HyunA is facing backlash from her fans for continuing to date Yong Junhyung following the release of a BBC documentary on the “Burning Sun” scandal.

The documentary detailed serious crimes including sexual violence and illegal filming involving K-pop idols. Fans spotted Yong Junhyung in photos from HyunA’s Japan trip, leading to disappointment and accusations of hypocrisy.

While HyunA previously had strong fan support for her relationships, her association with Yong, who admitted to sharing illicit videos, has caused her to lose many supporters. Fans are particularly upset given HyunA’s advocacy for women’s rights.

You can watch the full viseo here.