HyunA’s Comeback a Flop? Intimate Scenes in ‘Attitude’ MV Raise Eyebrows + ‘Q&A’ Fails to Hit Music Charts

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After a hiatus of nearly two years, HyunA, often hailed as “The Sexy Icon of Kpop,” has finally made her comeback to the music scene.

Her latest EP “Attitude” and the title track “Q&A” mark her return, also marking her debut under the management agency At Area, having parted ways with PSY’s P Nation in August 2022.

The “Gentle” Comeback: Intimate Scenes and Music Style

In contrast to her previous vibrant music style, HyunA’s latest comeback showcases a more “gentle” approach.


The music video for “Q&A” features numerous intimate scenes between HyunA and her male co-star, culminating in a passionate kiss in a pool setting.

Public Response: Charts, Views, and Sales

Despite the anticipation surrounding her return, HyunA’s comeback has not garnered the expected enthusiasm from the public and K-pop enthusiasts.


“Q&A” failed to make a significant impact on Korean music charts, peaking at #132 on Genie. Moreover, the MV struggled to surpass 100 thousand views on YouTube within five hours of its release, signaling a concerning trend.

However, her album sales on the first day reached a commendable 10,372 copies, marking the highest sales among all her albums.

Netizens’ Opinions: Critiques and Comparisons

Netizens have expressed mixed opinions regarding HyunA’s latest music endeavor.

While some acknowledge an improvement in her music quality compared to her time under PSY’s company, they also note a disconnect with the public’s preferences.


The absence of HyunA’s signature high-pitch voice in “Q&A” has also been a point of contention, leading to comments about the song sounding generic and lacking impact.

Below are excerpts from netizens’ comments:

  • “She doesn’t bring anything new or refreshing. Every MV is just scenes of two people hugging and kissing, it’s bland! But the music is okay, just not my taste, so it seems ordinary.”
  • “There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with the song, but it sounds too generic.”
  • “It sounds like someone else is singing since HyunA’s signature tone was missing.”
  • “The music itself is better than what she released under PSY. However, since there’s no shock factor, it just passes through the ears without any impact.”

HyunA’s comeback after two years has sparked discussions among fans and critics alike. While her album sales indicate a level of support from her dedicated fan base, the lukewarm reception and criticisms suggest a need for reinvention and resonance with contemporary musical trends.