HyunA’s Ex-Boyfriend Dawn Opens Up Over Painful Split from Idol—’It was like losing a piece of…’

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During his recent guest appearance on the “Cultwo Show,” Dawn, the acclaimed singer, provided a candid and touching insight into the profound impact of his breakup with fellow artist Hyuna, especially in the context of his forthcoming EP, “Narcissus,” scheduled for release on the 15th.

Dawn began by unveiling that the heart of his upcoming EP primarily consists of love songs.

He delved into the profound connection between love and his personal development, alluding to the exhilarating highs of being in love and the tumultuous emotions that follow the end of a romantic relationship.

His choice of love-themed songs suggests that his personal experiences have deeply influenced his artistry and creative expression.

Understanding Dawn’s Emotional Journey Through Love and Loss

What stood out most during Dawn’s interview was his eloquent description of how he views love.

He revealed, “When I’m deeply in love, I tend to perceive the other person as an extension of myself, almost like an integral part of who I am.”

HyunA & Dawn

(Photo : Instagram|@hyojong_1994)
HyunA & Dawn

This profound connection between his identity and the person he loves highlights the depth of his emotional involvement in relationships.

Consequently, when faced with the inevitable aftermath of a breakup, Dawn confessed that it feels akin to losing an essential part of himself rather than just parting ways with another person.

This heartfelt admission provided listeners with a poignant understanding of the emotional turmoil he endured.

A Unique Post-Breakup Story: Dawn and Hyuna’s Unwavering Mutual Respect

Dawn’s six-year-long public relationship with Hyuna came to an end in November of the preceding year, marking a significant chapter in both of their lives.

HyunA & Dawn

(Photo : Instagram|@hyojong_1994)
HyunA & Dawn

What sets their post-breakup narrative apart is their unwavering respect and affection for one another.

Despite their separation, both artists have publicly acknowledged their shared past with fondness and appreciation.

In April, Dawn made a heartfelt appearance on a YouTube channel, where he conveyed his sentiments regarding their relationship, underscoring, “Whether I reunite with Hyuna or choose different paths, that’s no longer a central concern for me.

My love for Hyuna remains unwavering.” This declaration of enduring love and support was a testament to his maturity and the depth of their connection.

Similarly, Hyuna made her own thoughtful references to their past romance in a YouTube video, expressing contentment and the absence of regrets regarding their shared history.

Artistry Born from Pain: Dawn’s Resilience in the Face of Public Breakup

Dawn’s openness about his emotions regarding the breakup with Hyuna, coupled with his forthcoming EP centered around love songs, provides a touching glimpse into his personal journey and creative process.


(Photo : Instagram|@hyojong_1994)

It emphasizes the resilience and maturity that can evolve when navigating complex emotions, especially in the public eye, and highlights the lasting impact of love on one’s identity and artistry.