Hyuna’s live stream spammed with critical comments about her relationship

Article: Hyuna’s live stream met with criticism onpour for her public relationship “you should not be proud of dating Jung Jun Young’s friend”

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Source: News 1 via Nate

[+280, -3] The fact that’s with him just means she’s birds of the same feather

– [+53] I think we can all see why she got kicked out of JYP now

– [+30] Yeah, they have that ‘cheap’ image in connection together

– [+13] I don’t think she even cares that people are criticizing her over this relationship and is actually angling it to market herself even more with it, like how Whasa got all that attention for her scandalous college festival performance. Attention, good or bad, is all that they seek. Seems to be a common theme with idols that get up there in age and need something to boost their name. 

[+98, -2] I have noticed throughout life that there are people willing to lower their standards as long as they get to be in a relationship.. and it doesn’t matter what anyone tells them they’re stuck in their ways

– [+26] Yeah, I’d actually be offended if I was Dawn, to think that she is dating someone so pathetic right after me ㅋㅋ

[+64, -4] I don’t even see what’s so charming about him but he’s always got a girl

– [+10] I think I heard that he’s super rich? He talked about getting a lot in royalties on ‘Radio Star’ before

[+23, -97] I think that men will publicly act like they don’t do this but I doubt there’s even one man who hasn’t shared p*rn videos with their friends… Jung Jun Young’s issue is that he shared personally filmed videos, but I think most men have done what Yong Junhyung has ㅠㅠ

– [+64] There is a steep difference in p*rn videos made for consumption and hidden camera videos distributed illegal

– [+56] You seriously cannot be thinking p*rn and hidden camera videos are the same?

– [+39] Uh, no? Did your dad get caught sharing p*rn or something? 

[+15, -0] They’re one and the same, what’s everyone so mad at her about anyway? Just let them date

[+15, -0] Don’t feed the troll!!!!!!!!

[+8, -0] Perhaps she’s just into that kinda thing……

[+5, -0] Hyuna’s sure into a specific type

[+5, -0] I don’t even know if she has low standards or anything anymore, or she’s just really an offender like he is…

[+3, -0] This can’t be shielded, Hyuna needs to break up with him

[+2, -0] Either way, she’s not normal

[+2, -0] Is she not worried at all????