Hyunsuk Asks Haters to Stop Disrespecting TREASURE – Why Did He Receive Backlash for It?

On TikTok and X, TREASURE Hyunsuk earned backlash from K-pop fans after asking haters to stop disrespecting his co-members went viral.

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But why?

Hyunsuk Calls Out Haters Disrespecting TREASURE Members, K-pop Artists

On February 21, an X user took to the platform to share a TikTok video featuring TREASURE Hyunsuk.

Upon uploading, the clip amassed over 2.6 million views with about 4,000 quote-retweets criticizing him for what he said.

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(Photo : Hyunsuk (News1))

In a video, a snippet of Hyunsuk’s recent live broadcast was recorded wherein he called out a hater who kept on sending “f*** you” emoji in the comments section. He said that comments like that hurt his co-members.

He then asked them to stop, with the hopes that no other artists will experience it as well.

“Middle fingers up? C’mon. No, actually, I have been wanting to say this. Because of this, my members were really having a hard time, Yo, ‘A I S H’ (hater’s username), go ahead. C’mon, say it again.

I wouldn’t mind if it’s just me, I have seen this before. But please, keep the members out of this, please. Because if it’s a joke to you who’s an anonymous person hiding behind the screen, and you just posted it without a thought, thinking, ‘It’s just a joke,’ ‘no big deal,’ Isn’t it? But seriously, this will stay with an artist forever.”

He continued:

“Everyone, don’t do this to the members. No, actually, just don’t do it to any artist, please.”

Why Did Hyunsuk Face Backlash Instead for Speaking Up?

When the clip went viral, some TEUMEs (fandom) expressed their sympathy.

(Photo : Twitter)

They then sent him cheering messages, and hoped that he wouldn’t encounter something like that again.

However, fans didn’t take Hyunsuk seriously and blamed him instead for such treatment, labeling him as a “gaslighter” and “hypocrite.”

The reason fans were angry was due to the fact that he had been called out multiple times for culture appropriation due to his hairstyle, choice of words and outfits, but he didn’t hear them and continued doing it.

People also pointed out that he was actually the main reason people are hating on their group and he was the one who always disrespected fans and other cultures.

What are your thoughts in this situation?