“I can’t stand it anymore” … Meenoi finally cancels the contract with AOMG.


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As the conflict between singer Meenoi and her agency, AOMG,deepens, they are eventually moving towards the cancellation of their contract.

According to XSports News on the 6th, tensions arose between Meenoi and AOMG recently due to issues regarding her absence from advertisements, leading to communication difficulties between the two sides. Unable to overcome this, they have initiated the process of terminating their exclusive contract.

Meenoi signed an exclusive contract with AOMG in November last year, but due to the breakdown of trust between the two parties, it is expected that they will not be able to maintain their relationship and will end their contract prematurely.

However, it has been reported that an agreement to terminate the contract has not been reached due to differences in positions between Meenoi and AOMG. Some are leaving room for reconciliation amid this conflict, wondering whether the two sides can restore their relationship and continue their contract.

During a personal live broadcast last month, Meenoi tearfully admitted, “I have committed a sin,” putting himself at the center of attention. It was later revealed that Meenoi abruptly canceled a shoot for a cosmetics brand two hours before it was scheduled, sparking controversy over her “no-show.”

AOMG explained that the controversy stemmed from differences in understanding of authority during the process of signing the advertisement shooting contract. However, they expressed their intention to overcome the conflict and restore a harmonious relationship by stating, “We have completed smooth communication with Meenoi.”

However, just a month later, Meenoi revealed the full story of the controversy, stating, “Now I can’t stand it anymore.” He disclosed that he had not received the contents of the advertisement contract and that her genuine stamp was different from the ‘fake stamp’ on the contract. Furthermore, he drew a line by saying that the ‘no-show controversy’ regarding the advertisement shoot was not of her own volition, stating that he had requested modifications to the contract conditions but they were not accommodated.

In response, AOMG released the contents of their conversation with Meenoi to a media outlet in the morning.


-It’s not Meenoi who couldn’t stand it, it was the company that couldn’t.

-As expected.

-It seems like it’s the company that can’t stand it.

-Even if she leaves, she should compensate Brand P

-If they can’t reach an agreement, won’t it turn into a penalty dispute?

-Pay the penalty and get out…

-After doing this, where does she think she’ll be welcomed?

-It doesn’t seem like she’ll be affiliated with any company in the future… maybe start her own one-person agency.

-Pay the penalty and leave 😠

-Let’s just say goodbye.

-It seems like she thinks she’s the boss.

-Seems hopeless.

-Oh dear, this person needs to get their act together.

-The agency should sue her at this point.

-What did Meenoi do before joining AOMG that made her so well taken care of?

-Which company would take her now…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-The person who got cut off by the company…

-It seems like the company should sue her for spreading lies and defamation?

-There are always people like that.

-The money issue needs to be resolved first.

-The company is like a guardian angel… Theymust be going through a lot ㅠㅠㅠ

-They should just cut ties with her