I Looked Up New Jeans’ and ILLIT’s Concept Photos Out of Curiosity


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The top 4 pictures are New Jeans’ while the bottom 4 pictures are ILLIT’s.

I’m not familiar with both groups and I just searched their concept photos on Google. Personally, I understand why some people think they have similar concept and also why some don’t see the resemblance. 

-It’s understandable for one to two groups under the same company to have similar vibes…

-When I first saw ILLIT’s album cover, I thought they were New Jeans

-From a non-kpoper point of view, I can’t tell them apart

-Honestly speaking, they look similar

-It’s so similar, they could pass as the same group…

-It’s similar, but New Jeans’ concept isn’t entirely original to begin with, right?

-Yeah, I immediately thought of New Jeans when I first saw ILLIT

-The similarity can’t be denied…

-It really does look like ILLIT is using New Jeans as their references

-I’ve always thought so… From the number of members they have, even to their style…

-LE SSERAFIM is constantly being talked for being the copy of BTS as well. It’s just what Bang Sihyuk specializes in.

-I’m not on Min Heejin’s side, but this is really similar.

-I don’t see any resemblance between both groups.