I wonder if this boy group’s song from 7 years ago still would’ve been successful if it was released in this generation


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Actually, I think it would still be trendy even if it were released now.

It was released in 2017 and reportedly reached 11th place on the Melon annual chart at the time, making it the first song by a boy group to reach 100 million streams.

It also has the part that goes “I like you” that was really famous back then!

-Honestly, even if it came out now, it seems like it would be successful. The lyrics are straightforward, so it would do well anytime. I don’t usually listen to songs from boy groups, but I’ve heard this one quite a bit. I think it’s a very easy-listening song. 

-If it came out now, it would probably gain even more popularity while trending on Youtube Shorts.

-Absolutely. I still listen to it now.

-It would probably gain even more popularity if it was released in this generation.

-It was indeed a huge success.

-I bet there would be hundreds pouring out on TikTok, like a waterfall, for the “I like you” part

-If it was released in this generation, it would dominate the real-time charts and probably rise even higher annually.

-It’s a classic.

-The “I like you” part would absolutely blow up on Youtube Sorts.

-Absolutely possible. Even if you listen to it now, it’s not old-fashioned, it’s just great. Great songs never go out of style.

-The “I Like You” challenge here would be epic.

-It’s a mega hit. If someone just made this a challenge on Youtube Short, it might trend again.

-I still listen to it now, so it’s definitely possible.

-It could sweep Youtube Shorts and TikTok, even become memes.

-It could have even been more popular.

-It would have been even more popular. It’s a song optimized for short-form content.

-Just listening to the intro gets your heart racing. As soon as you hear it, you know it’s the one.

-It would have done even better.

-It did well, but if it were released now, it would probably trend even more on Youtube Shorts and Instagram Reels.

-The “I Like You” part is crazy, but the “How about me” part after it is seriously killer. It was the first time I got excited listening to a song from a boy group.

-The challenge would have been a huge trend.