ICHILLIN Chowon’s Epic Comeback Plan Unveiled After Foul Ball Mishap

ICHILLIN’s Chowon faced a challenging setback when she was struck by a foul ball at a baseball game, leading to a temporary hiatus from her activities.

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The incident, which occurred on April 16th, caused Chowon to faint and necessitated immediate medical attention.

Return Announcement

After a period of rest and recovery, KM Entertainment, Chowon’s label, has announced her return to the spotlight.


In a statement released on April 26, the label informed fans that Chowon’s condition has significantly improved, allowing her to resume her schedule from April 27 onwards.

Focus on Health and Gratitude

KM Entertainment emphasized that Chowon’s health remains their top priority. They expressed gratitude to ICHILLIN’s fans, known as Willing, for their unwavering support during Chowon’s hiatus.


Additionally, the label extended thanks to the Kiwoom Heroes baseball team for their assistance in Chowon’s recovery process.

Chowon’s comeback marks a moment of resilience and determination, showcasing her dedication to her craft and the support of her fans and industry partners.

Here is the whole statement of KM Entertainment for ICHILLIN Chowon’s Epic Comeback.

Hello. This is KM ENT.

We would like to inform you regarding the return to schedule of Miss Aichilin Meadow.

We would like to inform you that Ms. Chowon suffered an injury due to a foul ball accident on the 16th, but her current condition has greatly improved after sufficient rest and treatment.

Accordingly, following the opinion of a professional medical institution that it is okay to carry out the schedule without causing too much of a strain, we have decided to return to the schedule from Saturday, April 27th.

However, as we have determined that the artist’s health must be the top priority, participation in performances or performances that require dynamic movements may be limited, so we ask for fans’ understanding.

Thank you once again to all of Wheeling who supported Chowon’s recovery and to the Kiwoom Heroes team officials who helped her focus on her treatment. We will continue to monitor the condition of our grassland sheep and do our best to ensure that they continue their activities in a healthy manner.

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