Idol from RBW ‘In Demand’ Among Employees After Doing THIS to Staff: ‘Every Company Needs 1 of Him’

This 4th-gen male idol is currently one of the most sought-after among Korean employees after doing this to the RBW sraff.  

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Idol from RBW 'In Demand' Among Employees After Doing THIS to Staff: 'Every Company Needs 1 of Him'

On July 8, ONEUS Xion became the talk of the town after sharing a hilarious anecdote about how he basically made every RBW staff go home early after a careless accident.

On the fandom-communicating platform, FROMM, the idol shared that his co-member Keonhee brought a coffee for him during lunchtime and confessed what he had done.

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“I caused a major accident today? He bought me a coffee but I have something to do in the office and while doing it, I spilled the coffee. It went into the power outlet.”

He continued:

“But the electricity in our office is all connected to one main power source, so a blackout happened in the entire office, and everyone had to go home. I’m really sorry.”

Despite it being an accident, Xion sincerely apologized to those who weren’t able to save the work that they were doing at the time and attested to fans that no one got hurt, thankfully.

When his story circulated on Korean X, there were a lot of employees outside RBW who expressed their jealousy that the label’s staff members were able to go home early due to the coffee spilled by a K-pop idol.

Hilariously, despite Xion’s mistake, he surely won’t be fired for it and the employees won’t be blamed for it, seeing him as a true “modern hero.”

Xion is now in demand among employees and hopes that he will visit their companies soon, and protested that every company should have 1 Xion then.

On July 9, the idol still felt apologetic to those who weren’t able to save their work, but fans informed him that workers were rather grateful to him, with some even pledging that they would watch his fancams after work in return for what he did.

Xion then replied:

“It’s better than working late, though. As long as the data is fine by tomorrow, I’ll become a hero.

Xion’s welfare… is it welfare? Since you went home early, it’s welfare for now.”

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The idol also mischievously responded to employees’ requests, saying:

“Ah, a lot of office employees are looking for me? Then make sure to save your work and contact me.

I’ll come with coffee.”

Meanwhile, Xion is a member of the K-pop boy group ONEUS. After releasing their single, “Now” in May, the group is reportedly joining Mnet’s “Road to Kingdom 2,” set to be aired in 2024, after its first appearance on the show’s main survival program, “Kingdom” in 2020.