Idol Laments Current ‘Crisis’ in K-pop: ‘Most Prioritize Numbers & Money Over Brand Image’

This K-pop artist exposed the reality that idols go through, and shared thoughts on the crisis that the Korean music scene currently faces.

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HOLLAND Reveals How Independent Artists Are Selling Songs to K-pop Idols to Make A Living

On April 15, soloist HOLLAND took to X to convey his opinions regarding the current state of the K-pop realm. He revealed the sad truth about idols and entertainment agencies, and how this transition also affects independent artists.

Idol Laments Current 'Crisis' in K-pop: 'Most Prioritize Numbers & Money Over Brand Image'
(Photo : HOLLAND (Kpopping))

On his personal social media account, the K-pop star criticized the “distressing” situation in the music scene, where money and numbers come first over quality.

“The music scene in Korea, along with solo artists, is in crisis and transitional. Most investors and agencies are busy producing K-pop idols, while most advertisers prioritize numbers and money over brand image by booking K-pop idols. While this is considered natural, as someone in this industry, I find it distressing.”

HOLLAND continued by revealing the sad situation that making music has become a business, and how independent artists who pursue lesser popular genres resort to selling their songs to K-pop idols instead to make a living.

While some try to find another job to earn money so that they could use it to invest in their own music, some end up giving up.

“Many artists rooted in R&B, jazz, and electronic music are either selling songs to K-pop artists to make a living or finding other jobs to earn money and invest in their own music. I’m doing the same. And many artists are giving up on making their own music.”

HOLLAND Exposes Reality of Idols Under Entertainment Agency

While it is hard for smaller/independent artists, it doesn’t mean that it’s any easier for K-pop idols.

HOLLAND lamented the idols being limited by their agencies to foster and grow as artists. Rather, there is no originality and many K-pop songs either follow a trend or pop music abroad.

Lastly, he discussed how agencies made money through pseudo-relationships formed between idols and their fans.

“It’s rare for K-pop agencies to give idols the opportunity to grow as artists. Everyone is just following the trend, copying popular music from abroad, and focusing solely on making money by creating fanatical emotions akin to pseudo-romantic relationships. It’s truly lamentable.”


Following his posts, HOLLAND’s opinions became viral on X, with most K-pop fans agreeing with him. They added that fans are sometimes the hindrance to an idol’s growth themselves.

This is true in some cases, especially when idols decide to pursue their own genre. The artist would then receive flak as their solo concept contradicts their “image,” and brand the fandom created for that certain idol.

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